The Constellation Invitational

2024 — Orlando, FL/US

Trinity Prep and UCF's Nicholson School of Communication and Media proudly invite you to ‘The Constellation Invitational’ Speech and Debate Tournament. We will provide students, coaches, and judges with an out-of-this-world speech and debate competition experience. Our Orlando location allows you to reward students with numerous opportunities for adventure in the area.

The Constellation will be a two-day tournament

  • Saturday- November 9th

  • Sunday- November 10th

Depending on final entry sizes, we plan to offer all of the following:

  • Speech will feature six preliminary rounds

    • Speech will provide the greatest number of elimination rounds possible

    • Speech will offer Novice division to students (if numbers allow)

    • Will include After Dinner Speaking and Impromptu

    • Middle school divisions will be offered for all speech events synchronously via the NSDA campus

  • Debate will feature six preliminary rounds

    • Debate will provide the greatest number of elimination rounds possible, trying to break all winning records

    • Novice and Varsity in all debate events

    • Middle school debate events will be offered virtually via NSDA campus

  • Congressional debate will feature three preliminary rounds, a semi-final, and a final

  • 4 Debate Events, 10 Speech Events, and Congressional debate!

  • Schools may enter Middle School students in the Novice division if they want to attend in person.