FREE NSDA Nationals Warmup Tournament Debate IEs Supps Welcome

2024 — NSDA Campus AND Pembroke Hill, MO/US

Hey all,

Please register for the FREE NSDA Warmup Tournament here:


1. 4 rounds a day, Wed, Thurs, Fri, June 5-7. Reasonable start times tbd. Likely starting at 9a CST. CX, LD, PF, WS, and BQ. TBD on flighting LD and PF. May accelerate their schedule or not.

2. Participate in as many or as few debates as you'd like. I will send out a survey like last year to the competing teams to ask them about availability on a per-round basis, and will schedule only those that are available for a given round. We will try to match teams based on their preferences of the "type" of practice debates they prefer, similar to last year. EX: Fast v Slow and K v Policy etc.

3. Rounds are practice/scrimmage rounds. No "official results" will be awarded.

4. You may choose to join us on the PHS campus in KC, or compete online. Your choice. We will try to maximize the number of in-person debates as much as possible.

5. No fees.

6. Provide 1/2 rounds of judging of which your team is available. Ex: Only competing Wed the 5th? You owe 2 rounds of prelim judging. That judging can be fulfilled on other days of the tournament. PLEASE over-provide as much of your ability as possible. We will place multiple judges in debates to try to mimic split-panel situations as judging availability allows. A judge might judge any of the debate events.

7. Entries must have qualified to NSDA nationals and/or be entered by the coach of record for a school. No independent or club entries.

Questions? Please email

IE's Update - There is an event called "All IE's" Enter your student (s) regardless of their IE. Upload a video. Make sure the video has them declare what IE they are performing. Append that to the end of their code. All supps and others etc are welcome. We will assign at least 3 prelims to have other folks give feedback. 1 judge per 3 IE's or a fraction thereof. We will create panels as much as possible. Ranks/Results are irrelevant. It's only to get feedback etc.