Aubrey Congressional Debate Workshop

2024 — Aubrey, TX/US

Aubrey High School UIL Academics invites you and your team to join us at the Aubrey Summer Congress on Friday, May 17th, and Saturday, May 18th. The purpose of this event will be to get practice in for the Congress season in Fall 2025. This event is offered jointly with the Aubrey Congress workshop, hosted on Friday, May 16th, with the intent of offering schools (especially those that may not be able to attend Speech & Debate Summer camps) the benefits of learning from state finalists and state medalists. This tournament is largely intended for novices, although debaters at any experience level are welcomed.

Tournament specific notes:

  • Schedule - One three hour workshop session will occur Friday. We heavily encourage students to do research prior to the tournament to be able to be adequately prepared. On Saturday, two three-hour sessions will occur, one beginning at 9 A.M. and the other beginning at 1 P.M. The combination of judge rankings from each of those rounds will be used to determine the awards handed out at the 5 P.M. awards ceremony.
  • Judge Requirements- Judges are NOT required for this tournament, nor is a judging fee attached. Because this is intended to help teach novices, the teachers from the workshop on Friday will also be the judges on Saturday.
  • Parking- Please park in the student/band parking lot on both days of the event. The only entrance to the campus will be the west entrance off of FM 428, due to ongoing construction. As the event will be occurring in the cafeteria on Friday and auditorium on Saturday, we encourage you to park in the student/band parking lot so that you have a shorter walk.
  • Audience - This event is open to the public. We encourage students, parents, teachers, and school administrators to watch the event itself. If you do intend to watch the event or the awards ceremony, please abide by the following in order to ensure that we are able to continue providing events like this in the future: first, do NOT bring food or drink into the auditorium. Our campuses auditorium is very new and nice, and we intend to keep it that way. Secondly, given that speech and debate events such as Congress rely heavily on communication, please stay quiet during the course of the event itself, so as not to be a distraction to the debaters. Applause at the conclusion of a speech or at any point during the awards ceremony is acceptable, but not during a speech or questioning period.
  • Food - Several fast food options exist within a mile of the school, including a Sonic, Taco Bell, Chicken Express, and Subway.
  • Legislation- We will be using the legislation used at the 2024 UIL Congress State Championships for Conference 4A. The morning session will use Finals Items 1,2,3 and the afternoon session will use Items 6,7,8.