Loyola Special Scrimmage

2024 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

This is a Loyola Intrasquad Scrimmage--so only Loyola students are competing. Only LD debate.

We need HIRED JUDGES. We need both experience and inexperienced debate judges. The key is your willingness to pay attention, make a decision, and share your thoughts (in writing and orally). The tournament day runs from approx 9am California time to around 3 pm on SATURDAY and from 3pm to 6pm SUJNDAY. It's only six single-flighted rounds. You watch the round and then give an oral disclosure with reason for decision and comments.

We need an express commitment to EXTENSIVE COMMENTS. Since this is an intrasquad scrimmage, the focus is on feedback, in-depth constructive feedback (beyond typical judging), etc. We want brutally honest, blunt, emotionally invested judges that are seeking to help our students get better. You should give some written feedback, but the focus is on ORAL FEEDBACK. Each round will have 2 or 3 judges.. and we are expecting EXTENSIVE ORAL CRITIQUE... more brutal than normal. We are scheduling 45 minutes for the round and 30 minutes for oral critique. RFD is important, but even more important is the constructive criticism.

If you are interested, please enter your name in the JUDGE HIRING EXCHANGE. Also indicate your background/approach to comments, etc.

We will pay $100 for SAT four rounds and $50 for SUN 2 rounds. Judging commitments will be confirmed Friday night.

SCHEDULE (subject to modification)

SAT 3/2
8:45am judge check in
9:00 am Round 1 LD Debate
10:30 am Round 2 LD Debate
12:15 pm Round 3 LD Debate
1:45 pm Round 4 LD Debate

SUN 3/3
3:00pm Judge Check In
3:15pm Round 5 LD Debate
4:45 pm Round 6 LD Debate