Green Bay NCFL congress qualifier

2024 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

CFL Qualifier Student Congress - March 1st, 2024

Location: Online - NSDA Campus

Registration: Coaches will need to register their students and judges here through

Schools will need to register their students by 6:00 on Wednesday, February 28th. Fees and judge obligations are binding at that point.

Judges: School must provide 1 judge for every 8 entires. Judges are obligated for both sessions of congress.

Rules: We will follow CFL rules. Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to turn their cameras on even while not speaking during session.

Legislation: Submit legislation to

The legislation packet will be emailed out to coaches on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 27th

Schedule for Friday, March 1st

2:45 - 3:20: Email your team’s confirmation to or send a text to 414-688-2817 letting the tournament know if all students are present and accounted for or if there are drops.

3:40: Presession general information meeting - antechamber link will be emailed to coaches, judges, and registered students ahead of time

4:00 - 5:45: Session 1

5:45 - 6:15: dinner break

6:15 - 8:00 session 2

Qualifiers will be announces at the in-person competition for speech and interp events on March 3rd in Neenah.

Please email to with any questions.