April PF Advocacy Fundraiser

2024 — Online, NY/US


This debate tournament is a completely student-run tournament. This is intended to be a season-opener warm-up tournament before April's debate season begins.

As debaters, we speak up and discuss current events and social issues. Debate is a very important extracurricular activity worldwide, so we want to use it to spread awareness of ongoing societal issues. This debate tournament will act as a fundraiser for the World Wildlife Fund, which works to conserve the environment, endangered animals, and solve the climate crisis.In the past, we have fundraised for organizations such as NAPAWF and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Your participation fuels real change- we encourage you to join and invite your friends!

Tournament Info:

The tournament cost is $15 per person ($30 per team) and all funds will go to the selected fundraiser. However, we don't want cost to be a barrier, so please let us know if the payment isn't feasible for you (no questions asked).

To make your payment, please Zelle Astra Phoon at 347-417-2525. If you do not have Zelle, you may email us and we can work something out.

This is a Public Forum (only) tournament.

The topic will be the April PF topic from the NSDA.

Resolved: The United Nations should abolish permanent membership on its Security Council.

Location: ONLINE

Judging: If you would like to judge, please contact us.

Schedule (POSTED IN EST):


Around 9 AM EST

Contact Alexsys or Astra with any questions.