The North Texas Longhorn World Schools Spectacular

2024 — Flower Mound, TX/US

The district committee for the North Texas Longhorn NSDA district has decided to host a tournament instead of the traditional application process for World Schools. The tournament will be hosted at Flower Mound High School (3411 Peters Colony Road,Flower Mound, TX 75022).The tournament is open only to member schools of the North Texas Longhorn NSDA district. Please do not enter if you are not a member school.

The tournament will operate as follows:

  • Member schools will be allowed to send 6 students to the tournament

    • They can send 2 teams of three OR they can have students create hybrid entries with other students from eligible schools

  • We will have no more than 6 rounds of competition. There will be no elims. We will power-match each round until the end of the tournament leaves us with the top two teams. The top two teams will take 6 out of the 10 spots we have for the district

  • The remaining 4 spots will be given to the top speakers at the tournament (excluding those already in the top two teams of the tournament)

    • This is why we are only accepting teams of 3 as opposed to the traditional 5.

    • Every student must be allowed to speak so they can receive speaker points every round

  • Each team is its own entity and can hit any team, including a team from their own school.

  • Schools must provide a judge for every 3 students. Otherwise, the judge fee will be $250 per judge.

We will be using 3 of the 4 TOC topics for the tournament. Once they are released, we will update the Tabroom page.