2024 — Newark Charter Jr. HI- 1080 Elk, DE/US

location: NCS Jr. High- 1080 Elkton Rd- this is a new location!!

Bring $15 per student to cover registration and pizza (NCS students do not have to pay for pizza- $10 per student to cover cost of trophies).

JUDGES ARE NEEDED!!! We have many PF teams and schools must meet their obligations.


Check-in- 8:00 AM

R1- 8:30/8:45

R2- 9:30/9:45

R3- 10:30/10:45

LUNCH- until 12:15

Semi finals in debate: 12:30 or sooner

Based on number of public forum teams there will be a SEMIs round in addition to FINALS which would be at 1:30.