Ad Astra Hybrid IE Tournament 2

2024 — Online, KS/US


Ad Astra Debate League is again hosting a series of online forensics tournaments for Kansas schools. We are planning to host 6 tournaments throught the season with 2 events each in February, March, and April. We are moving to a HYBRID model of competition this year with asynchronous prelims and a live final. We learned some things last year, and we are making a few changes, so look this over to avoid surprises.

This will be for Kansas schools, only. We are not allowing out of state entries.

Tournament Dates:

2-5 finals 2-8

2-19 finals 2-22

3-4 finals 3-7

3-25 finals 3-28

4-1 finals 4-4

4-15 finals 4-18

This year’s tournaments will work as follows:

  1. Entries for each tournament will be due on Monday by 5pm.

  2. Coaches are responsible for working, correct video links for the preliminary rounds.

  3. In order to offset our Tabroom and Zoom fees, we will charge a $100 subscription fee for the entire tournament series. That gets you unlimited entries as long as you cover your judges.

  4. Each entry in each event must be a unique video which has not been used in any other competition. Students caught reusing videos from other tournaments will be disqualified, and not allowed to enter remaining tournaments.

  5. Each school will be responsible for 1 judge for every 6 entries, and every judge will likely see three rounds (2 prelims and a final).

  6. Schools who do not provide judges, or provide judges who don’t show up will forfeit an appropriate number of entries or lose finals slots.

  7. There will be 2 preliminary rounds in each event with 2 judges for each of those sections.

  8. Prelim round judging must be completed by noon on the Thursday of the tournament.

  9. *****CHANGE: Final rounds will be live via Zoom on Thursday each tournament week.

  10. Finals students who no show will simply miss the final. The tournament is not responsible for solving those issues.

  11. Draws for final rounds will be live, in the Zoom, and will begin at 4:00pm.

  12. We will provide a PDF set of award certificates for you to print off for your finalists.