Great Communicator Regional New York City

2024 — New York City, NY/US

Welcome to the 2024 season of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute's Great Communicator Debate Series! Click on the link to find out more about the Great Communicator Debates! If you are not familiar with the Reagan style of debating, please review the website to learn more. We emphasize effective communication, civility, and competition without debate jargon or terminology. Anyone can understand and enjoy a Great Communicator Debate! 

Our 2024 Regional Topic is:

Resolved: Teachers should integrate generative AI in their teaching and learning. 

Further information will be provided for our meet and greet Friday evening! 

We will conduct online information sessions via Zoom prior to the tournament - these sessions will be posted here and the Zoom links emailed to the coaches. 

A few notes for the coaches/parents: 

1) Adult contacts must register students. Student-only teams are not permitted to enter. All institutions must provide at least one judge (for more than two students, an additional judge is required for every two students). There is a limit of five students per institution at the outset - however, you are encouraged to include additional students and they will be entered as room permits. We want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate! 

2) The entry fee is $15 per debater. If this fee creates a financial hardship, please reach out to us. All debaters must have tabroom accounts. All participants, including coaches, students, and judges, will receive breakfast and lunch on site. You may pay your fees here. In the event of drops, fees are not refundable. However, you may replace a debater who is ill or unable to attend at any time. 

3) All judges must have tabroom accounts and phone numbers attached to those tabroom accounts so that we can reach them during the day of the tournament. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about judging or setting up accounts on tabroom. We are happy to help! 

4) After students have been entered with their linked tabroom accounts, they will be placed on a waiting list until the judges are listed and the fee has been paid. 

5) All participants must be of high school age and attend an accredited high school, virtual school, or be homeschooled. Students who have graduated from high school are NOT permitted to debate unless they are mid-year graduates. Middle school students are not permitted to attend regional tournaments; however, look for additional information on our website in the fall about middle school tournament experiences starting next school year! 

Questions? Please reach out to us! We are happy to help! We want to make your Great Communicator Debates an amazing experience! 

Deano Pape
Great Communicator Debate Coordinator