VT State Tournament at St Michaels College

2024 — VT/US

Please enter all teams this week so we can figure out if we have space for additional teams.

For this tournament, all entries are placed on a wait list. I will admit from the wait list all teams where both debaters have attended at least 3 tournaments. Additionally, every school is allowed one team, even if that team has not attended 3 tournaments.

Please also add to the wait list any teams that would like to attend but weren't able to attend 3 tournaments. Once all eligible teams are admitted, we can see how much space we have (the max is 24) and how many additional teams are on the wait list. I will email all coaches or set up a Zoom meeting if necessary so we can discuss.

Once all teams are admitted, I will calculate the seeding for the first round.

I will add additional information - linked on the right - about the Schedule, Judging, Seeding, and NCFL Qualification.