VHSL 2 AB Super Region

2024 — Luray, VA/US

Dear Forensics Coaches and Athletic Directors:

The 2 A/B Super Region Forensics Tournament is almost here!

This year it will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2024. (SNOW DATE Sat. Mar. 2, 2024)

It will be hosted by Luray High School in Luray, VA.

Registration will begin at 9:00-9:30 AM in the LHS Commons, and the Judges / Coaches Meeting will begin around 9:30 AM. This meeting will take place in the CULINARY ARTS classroom.

*Extemporaneous 1st drawing will be at 9:45 AM.

*Round 1 begins at 10:30 AM.

Awards are scheduled for approximately 3:30 PM or as soon as possible following Round 3.

We will go with three straight rounds.

Awards will be given in the AUDITORIUM.

This year we are requesting that each school entering students in any category supply one qualified judge. On your Super Region entry form please designate the name of the person(s) who will serve as the judge(s) from your school. As a forensics coach, you may be the judge, or you may get someone else to judge for your school.

If there is no judge noted, the Team Coach will be the designated judge.

Team Coaches will be on “stand-by” as a judge based on the needs of the tournament.

We will have two judges for each section of each round.

If you would e-mail or call me with the name of your judge(s) that would be great. gburley@pagecounty.k12.va.us

*TEAMS can ORDER LUNCH for your students…this in PROCESS…stay tuned

There will be HOSPITALITY provided for the Team Coaches and Tournament Judges

Light breakfast items and a lunch “bar” will be provided.

Here are some reminders:

Each school should plan to provide extemporaneous files (magazines, newspapers, etc.) for your own “extempers.” Notes in the margins or otherwise marked publications are not permitted. Color highlighting is permitted. Please check your students’ files before they come to competition. Personal Computer Use: students may access information that has been previously STORED on their device; students are NOT ALLOWED to use WIFI the day of the event.

(Coaches PLEASE REVIEW the 2023-24 UPDATES to the VHSL Forensics Manual for computer use during a tournament; p. 14; section PM 112 5-4)

Cellular Phones are also NOT allowed.

At the registration your team will be provided with a CODE for each of your participants. These CODES will be generated via TABROOM.COM

The students should give judges their name and code only.

You need to complete the Super Region Entry Form (you will find it online at www.vhsl.org) and email or fax after your principal signs it. FAX YOUR ENTRY FORM TO 540-743-5524.

You may e-mail your entry to dehlers@pagecounty.k12.v.ua or gburley@pagecounty.k12.va.us and then bring the original signed entry form on the day of the tournament.

The Forensics Team Coaches may access and ENTER the participating students ONLINE via www.tabroom.com.

TABROOM will generate the CATEGORY ROUNDS and ASSIGN the CODES for participating students.



Please forward the ENTRY form by Tuesday February 20, 2024. (the sooner the better ????)

Per VHSL policies you will have within 24 hours to make edits to your TEAM ROSTER.

If the entry form is not received in a timely manner, the school’s students will not be permitted to compete!!

On your entry form please include a home phone number or cell phone number and an email address for the contact coach/adviser.

Students competing in ORATORY shall prepare a manuscript of his/her speech for each round (3) of competition. Please bring a paper copy of the competitor’s speech. Competitors in O. O. may use 2 standard sized notecards.

Students competing in events requiring the use of published work must be able to identify the printed source on the spot and, if challenged, you may be asked to verify publication by producing an original or copy of an original. If the publication cannot be verified, the student will be disqualified. Please be prepared.

Scripts are used for prose reading and poetry reading categories.

Please have all the materials at hand.

Coaches, PLEASE bring copies of “INTERP” and Storytelling scripts in case there is a discrepancy or question of content.

PER VHSL Forensics Manual Rules: A student may NOT double enter.

No school may enter more than 2 contestants in any one category.

VHSL mandates a maximum of 17 entries from one school.

For any event, you are reminded: “A contestant may not use a speech, prepared selection, adaptation, or cutting (s) used in a previous season.”

Individual event awards will be based on the cumulative scores of the 3 rounds.

As the forensics coach, you are urged to review all contest rules as printed in the VHSL Handbook and the most current Forensics Manual, both of which are found at www.vhsl.org.

If you need to contact me on the day of the tournament, please call the school at 540-743-3800.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of names listed below:


Mr. Don Ehlers, Luray High School Athletic Director dehlers@pagecounty.k12.va.us

Mrs. Gwen Burley, Luray High School Forensics Coach gburley@pagecounty.k12.va.us

Mr. Anthony Hammer, Luray High School Forensics Coach ahammer@pagecounty.k12.va.us

2 A-B Super Region Forensics Tournament


See you at the tournament!

Saturday February 24, 2024, at Luray High School


IF the ROUNDS finish SOONER than predicted on this schedule, we will MOVE on to the subsequent ROUNDS at a FASTER PACE

Registration 9:00-9:30

Extemporaneous Drawing: 9:45 AM

Opening Assembly: 10:00 COMMONS

Judges Meeting: 9:30 CULINARY ROOM

STUDENTS grab LUNCH between

Round 1 & Round 2


ROUND 1: 10:30-11:30

ROUND 2: 12:15-1:15

ROUND 3: 1:30-2:30



Medals will be given to the top 3 finishers in each category.

Sweepstakes and runner up sweepstakes trophies will be given to the schools with the most points in each VHSL classification.

Please note, per VHSL policy: “Individuals/teams must be present and compete to receive awards, advance to the next level of competition and/or earn sweepstakes points.”


All judges will return all ballots immediately after each round to the table near the TAB-ROOM.

Any questions and concerns during the meet—please go to the table near the TAB-ROOM.

No smoking is permitted anywhere in the building.

If you rearrange the room then please return it when finished.

Eating is permitted only in the cafeteria and commons.

Prep room for extemporaneous speaking will be in the library.

Awards Presentation will take place in the AUDITORIUM.

Students should be reminded not to wear letter jackets or any other clothing that will identify their school. (PER VHSL SUGGESTION)

It is the responsibility of the coach of each team to see that all judges follow acceptable Forensics Competition guidelines and that their students conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.