VHSL 6A 5C Debate Regionals

2024 — Midlothian, VA/US

We are looking forward to hosting the 6A/5C regional debate again this year!

It will be held at Clover Hill High School on March 2nd.


See the NSDA website linked herefor policy, LD and PF topics for March.

See the VHSL Student Congress website linked here for Congress topics. Bill submission is required for participation and the deadline for submissions is 2/23/2024 @ 11:59:59 PM EST/EDT.


We will try to find as many qualified judges as we can, but we would appreciate your help as well, since you and your judges could judge in the concurrent 6A Tournament happening on the same day at our school.All judges will be paid between $20-$40 per round (Congress and Policy rounds take longer and pay more).


This in-person tournament will require registrations ontabroom.com, and a specific tournament link ishttp://vhsl6a5cregional.tabroom.com/

We will need all coaches, students and judges to be linked to their school’s account for updates, pairings and results. See below for instructions on completing these tasks if you are unfamiliar with the website.


Resources for Coaches:

Video - Linking student accountsin Tabroom:


Video - How to create a Tabroom account:


Video - How to register for a Tabroom tournament: