Presidents Week Take a Break Asynch Tournament

2024 — Asynchronous, NY/US

Welcome to the President's Week Take A Break Tournament

In New York, we get a week off in February because it's so cold schools wanted a way to reduce heating costs back in the 1970s. But enough about the history lesson, we're giving judges a full week to leisurely provide feedback. Coaches and judges, this is your chance to grab your hot beverage of choice, kick your feet up next to a fireplace, and evaluate some IE rounds. With that said, some do go on vacation to warmer climates that week.

We have judges for hire! They are available at $50 each. Please make arrangements through tabroom or by emailing if you need assistance to cover your judging obligations.

February 15, 8:00 pm- All entries and video links due

February 17, 10:00 am- Rounds released

February 18, 10:00 am - Rounds must be “accepted” by judges or replacements will begin

February 25, 12:00 noon - Ballots and feedback due

February 26, Evening - Results released w/downloadable certificates

Entry fee is $5/student

Tournament Invite - Live Doc

XTMP & IMP Topics will be uploaded by 2/7 - thank you for your patience. For extemporaneous we are running Varsity and JV both. Each will run with the option for either US or International Topics. They will remain separate events, unless entries fall below 3, in which case we will combine events. Coaches will be contacted for video/topic preference should we need to combine these events.