Redwood Congress

2024 — Fresno, CA/US

***CHSSA Congress Rules***

Orders of the Day

Opening the Chamber:

  1. Elect Presiding Offices- each chamber should have 2 officers per session (4 total), each serving for 45 minutes. Get the names of the students serving as POs because the seat numbers will change each session.
  2. Remind students of the following:

a. Motions to suspend the rules are out of order

b. Motions to close debate before the designated ending time are out of order

c. The docket is set – legislation will be debated in the order of the packet

d. Priority will reset in the second session, but seats will remain the same.

e. Students should refer to themselves by their seat numbers.

f. NO Cell phone use, except as timers

3. TIME for Sessions

a. Session 1: 4:00-: 5:30 (PO Times: 4:00-4:45 and 4:45-5:30)

b. Session 2: 6:00-7:30 (PO Times: 6:00-6:45 and 6:45-7:30)

Closing the Chamber:

1. Students need to vote for the Best Presiding Officer – students should write the NAME of their preferred PO on the inside of their speaker number tag and they should be turned into the Judge or coach closing the chamber.