Lava Policy SPAR

2024 — Toquerville, UT/US


It’s 4th quarter. What are we going to do with our students who are not preparing for Nationals?

How can we get middle schoolers interested in debate?

How can we get more policy teams next year?

How can we glean the most from our departing seniors and give them one more hoorah?


Come to Lava’s Policy SPAR!!!! ????

Lava Heights Academy

Invites you to

Lava Policy SPAR 2024

Saturday, April 20, 2024

730 N. Springs Dr (100 E.)

Toquerville, UT 84774



Tournament Director: Mary Thayer, (435)319-4980


This tournament’s registration is through Tabroom but is a paper ballot tourney.

We ask all our visitors to sign a confidentiality agreement upon arrival.

We ask our visitors to remain in the building in which we hold debate events; please do not wander around the campus as it is the private living quarters of our students.


Middle School and High School students are invited to this tournament, grades 6-12.


The topic is next year’s POLICY topic.

Resolved: The United States federal government should significantly strengthen its protection of domestic intellectual property rights in copyrights, patents, and/or trademarks.

Instead of using the full policy format, we will wet our whistles on this topic through the SPAR format. This is a debate event with a win/loss decision per skirmish.

1 minute prep

2 min AFF construction speech

2 min NEG construction speech

3 min cross examination

1 min NEG rebuttal

1 min AFF rebuttal

Please note that SPAR often reverses the rebuttal speaker order. We have AFF speak last in policy style.

The following link has more information about the topic.

There will be 3 preliminary rounds. Students must lose twice to be eliminated. Expect an audience for break rounds.


SPAR: Trophy for 1st Place.


Deadline to register students: 4/20 @ 9 AM
Deadline to Drop: 1 hour before the tournament (4/20 @ 8AM). Any drops later than this, contact Mary.

NO FEES!!!!!


You do not need to bring judges.


I will have a physical tabroom location on campus with which I ask all coaches to assist.



8:30 Check in

9:00 Welcome

9:15 Round I

9:30 Round II

9:45 Round III

10:00 1st Break Round

10:15 Octo Finals

10:30 Quarter Finals

10:45 Semi Finals

11:00 Finals

11:15 Awards


We have a single use restroom.


Students should follow the NSDA Code of Honor and the new UDCA Code of Ethics. Encourage classiness and cleanliness from your kids and make sure they respect property by keeping areas clean, not touching classroom items, and staying out of rooms with no adults.


I ask that all student and adult participants fill out a feedback form including suggestions for improvement on future tournaments.