Extemp Madness Extravaganza Lady Hodgkiss Benefit

2024 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

We are so honored to invite you all to attend the Second Annual Extemp Madness Extravaganza, an innovative extemporaneous speaking tournament to honor the legacy of the incomparable Kristi Hodgkiss of North Lamar High School in Texas. Last year, we were able to use tournament funds to create a TILF Scholarship in Kristi's honor, and our goal is to be able to fund this in perpetuity.

On December 3, 2022, Kristi lost her courageous battle with breast cancer. Our community has been deeply impacted by the life and service of Kristi Hodkgiss and we are so happy to offer this special tournament to honor this incredible Lady. Kristi coached all of the events for North Lamar High School in Paris, TX, but her absolute favorite was extemporaneous speaking. Her students were state champions and national qualifiers in this event. We feel like this is the perfect way to remember her. If you'd like to read more about Kristi Hodgkiss, we encourage you to read her obituary.

This "Madness Extravaganza" tournament features a unique spin on extemporaneous speaking. The rounds will be set up in the organizational style of debate. Students will be paired against one opponent where each student will speak on the same topic (though their position/side/information is up to the student). Judges will determine a "winner" and award speaker points. From there, students will get a win/loss record with speaker points. After the preliminary rounds, we will create an elimination bracket, where the one-vs-one format will continue, culminating in a championship final! We will follow NSDA rules for extemporaneous speaking. Though the organizational style will be set up as debate rounds, the functional style will remain extemporaneous speaking. Let me be clear, this is an extemporaneous speaking tournament. You can find some more information on the other tabs. Each student will receive SIX preliminary rounds as well as any qualified elimination rounds. (If we have enough interest and judging, we will have novice breakout rounds on Saturday as well.)

In order to maximize our reach, we are doing this as an online/synchronous tournament. We will utilize NSDA Campus for our speaking rooms and Zoom for our extemporaneous draw (where students can go to different breakout rooms for their specific draw position).

All proceeds from this tournament will be given to the family of Kristi Hodgkiss and/or to the Texas Interscholastic League Foundation in honor of Kristi Hodgkiss' scholarship.

We look forward to your participation in this tournament as we test out a new style of extemporaneous speaking tournament and honor our amazing colleague, mentor, and friend.

Thank you!

Rory McKenzie, Tournament Director,mckenziera@lisdeagles.net

Nicole Cornish, Tournament Committee

JP Fugler, Tournament Committee

Kinsey Martin, Tournament Committee

Cody Morris, Tournament Committee