CCISD Middle School Tournament 2024

2024 — Corpus Christi, TX/US

Dear CCISD Middle School Directors,

I are pleased to announce the upcoming hosting of this year's District speech & Design Tournament. The event is designed to provide an exceptional platform for our students to excel in the realms of public speaking, performance, and design. It is our aim that participants not only refine their skills but also foster qualities such as discipline, perseverance, and a spirit of healthy competition.

As we approach this 'all hands on deck' occasion, we kindly request the cooperation of all directors in ensuring the success of the tournament. This entails adhering to deadlines, imparting tournament etiquette to our students, and exemplifying professionalism.

Your commitment to these guidelines will contribute significantly to the seamless execution of the event. We are eager to witness the culmination of the hard work and dedication that you and your students have undoubtedly invested in preparing for this tournament.

Thank you for your participation and dedication to maintaining the high standards of our district fine arts team!

Best regards,

Tasha Jones