WBFL February Congress

2024 — Torrance - West High, CA/US

Welcome! The WBFL November Student Congress will be held at West High School, and is only for the schools in the WBFL league.

West High School is at 20401 Victor St, Torrance, CA 90503

The Judge's Room will be in room 5103

Coach’s Room will be in room 5100

The Tab-Room will be in room 5102

Fees are $10 per entry

PO's are free but the number of slots are limited to twice the number of houses

All rooms will be in Building 5, CAFÉ 5 is the student area and restrooms are located there.

Tab will be in room 5102 and Judges will be room 5103 and Coaches will be room 5100

Building 5 is slightly left of straight forward as you enter through the main gate on Victor St.

This Student Congress will use the new cross examination rules for State: (from CHSSA rules for Student Congress)

"Section 12. Cross-Examination
A. Questioners shall be recognized at the discretion of the presiding officer.
B. presiding officers shall prioritize students who have previously asked fewer questions in the
C. There shall be 2 minutes of cross-examination after the first affirmation and first negative
speech. There shall be 1 minute of cross-examination for all subsequent speeches.
D.Direct cross-examination shall be used for all speeches in prelims, semis and finals.
E. Direct cross-examination shall include 30 second questioning blocks in which a questioner
may ask follow up questions"