Shanley High School Dr Littlefield Speech meet

2024 — Fargo, ND/US

JP II Catholic Schools

5600 25 Street S Fargo, ND 58104

Voice: 701-893-3200 Fax: 701-893-3277

January, 2024

Dear Speech Coaches:

You and your team are invited to the annual Dr. Littlefield Shanley High School Speech Tournament on Saturday, February 10, 2023 from 8-4.. We are excited to be entering the speech season and look forward to a competitive and fun day.

REGISTRATION: Registration is due by 12 pm on February 5.

* Complete your registration online. If you are going to attend, Register on Tabroom at

*$5 per entry for individual events; $10 for duos.

*Students may enter up to FOUR events, as maximum of two is recommended as we will NOT schedule around students with multiple entries. (4 is the state limit)

*Drops, adds, and substitutions can be made on until noon on February 6. After noon on the 6th, schools will pay the full registration price.


*Registration will open at 7:45 am. Please do not arrive before 7:45 pm (unless you have chocolate)

*Judges/coaches and student meetings will be held at 8:30.

*Draw for Radio will begin 8:30 pm. Round One starts at 9:00 am.

*All NDHSAA events will be offered. Novice students will receive special recognition.

*Standard time limits and rules will be followed per the NDHSAA speech rulebook.

*We hope to offer all events as state qualifying.

*This will be a 3 round tournament using the NDHSAA rules.

***Make sure you have both burden of proof and language forms for all speakers.


*Teams need to provide one judge for every 6 entries.

*Judges will be scheduled to judge a variety of events.

*MAKE SURE YOUR JUDGES ARE CERTIFIED. If you bring a judge who is ineligible, your team will be charged for a judge. Please visit for steps to certify your judges.

*A limited number of judges are available for hire at a rate of $80.00/judge.


*We have planned a great menu so plan to eat at Shanley on Saturday noon. Proceeds will be donated to the NFL Lions Club, so please bring your money and donate.

*Breakfast and lunch will be provided in the judge’s lounge for coaches and hired judges.

TAB ROOM: *We will be contacting individuals to help in the tab room for the tournament. *Anyone assisting with tabulation will count as a complete judge slot for their school.


Register on Tabroom

Rounds start at 9

One judge for every 6 entries

Fees are $5 (duo $10) per entry

Lunch served

All around awards for individual students

Sweepstakes awards given

Awards at 4:30 or before

Shanley Coaching Staff-

Brian Geffre

Contact Information: Cell: 218.329.2669 School: 701.894.3248