37th Samuelson Sweeps At Lincoln East

2024 — Lincoln, NE/US

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Lincoln East Debate Team, parents, and coaches invite you to attend our 37th Samuelson Sweeps Debate Tournament on Saturday, February 17, 2024. We plan to be IN PERSON this year.

For three decades the Spartan Invitational has provided challenging competition in a wide range of forensic events, and this year's tournament will be no exception. We offer competitive experiences in Baldwin-X (LD), Cross-Examination, and Public Forum Debates, as well as Student Congress.

This year we will be bringing back an old East tradition of the Baldwin-X (LD) Round Robin alongside a new Public Forum Round Robin! Many years ago, East had a tradition of hosting a round robin that featured the best debater from each school debating each other. When the team went on hiatus for a few years, that tradition unfortunately went away. However, this year we are excited to bring back the BX Round Robin alongside a new Public Forum Round Robin as a cap to the in-state regular season. Please note that each school gets 1 entry and is required to provide 1 judge for the round robin.

We want to treat you and your students to the best overall tournament experience possible. We offer a well-run, on-time tournament with good judging. Plus, all award winners at our tournament will once again receive Nothing Bundt Cakes for awards!

If you have questions about the 2024 Samuelson Sweeps, please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck as the season progresses, and we look forward to seeing you in February!

John Holen

Director of Debate