Oddball Outing

2023 — Online, WA/US

We are so sorry--due to unforeseen circumstances, we must cancel this tournament. Thank you to all the students who prepped. We will be back next year!

We are not seeking hired judges. Thank you.

Mark your calendars! The Oddball Outing is coming!

As our students have connected with speakers around the country, they've commented on how many different events are offered from place to place. Wouldn't it be fun to pull all of those less-available events into one place? And why not make it asynchronous, so no one has to stress out?

So we decided to make it happen. The tournament will be hosted on Tabroom and registration opens 4/11. Videos/registration are due 4/19. Ballots go out 4/22 and are due 4/26.

Entries are unlimited at only $5 apiece, with a judge/5 entries ratio. As long as you have judges, feel free to do it all!

We wanted to give you PLENTY of notice, since students may be preparing new work just for this event. With that in mind, notes will be allowed for all except the short-prep events.

Short Prep Events: Tall Tales Spontaneous Oral Interpretation Dual Improvisation

Other Events: Editorial Commentary Radio Speaking After-Dinner Speaking Sales Speaking Storytelling Spoken Word Poetry Original Performance Oratorical Analysis/Memorized Public Address/Declamation T

he invitation is available NOW for full details. Invitation We hope you'll join us!