2024 — NSDA Campus, NY/US

The entire 2024 tournament will run online on NSDA Campus on the evening of March 1st (Friday) and all day Saturday, March 2nd. There will be some remaining elimination rounds on Sunday based on the total # of entries.

The tournament is a finals bid in varsity PF and a semifinal bid in varsity policy

No more than 16 LD or Policy entries will clear.
No more than 32 PF entries will clear.

If you wish to be hired to judge, fill out this form.

Events offered

All entries are $40/entry

Policy Varsity (semis TOC bid)

Policy Novice

LD Varsity

LD Novice

PF Open (Feb Topic)

PF Novice (Feb Topic)
PF JV (Feb topic)
PF MS Novice (Feb Topic)
PF MS Varsity (Feb Topic)

There is an administrative fee of $50/school.


Policy: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

LD: Resolved: The United States ought to substantially reduce its military presence in the West Asia-North Africa region.

PF Resolved: The United States federal government should ban single-use plastics.


6:30 -- Pairings released

7 PM ET R1

8:30 ET R2


10 AM ET -- Round 3

12:00 PM -- Round 4

2:00 PM -- Round 5

4:00 PM -- Round 6
6:00 PM -- Elim 1

7:30 PM-- ELim 2

8:30:9 PM -- ELim 3

Sunday Elim 4/5 as needed

8:00-9:15 AM Registration
9:30 Round 1
11:15 Round 2
1:15 Round 3
2:30 Awards



4:30 -- Pairings Released for Round 1

Round 1 5:00 pm
Round 2 7:00 pm

Round 3 9:00 am

Round 4 10:45 am

Round 5 1:00 pm

Quarters 3:00 pm

Semis 5:00 pm

Finals 7:00 pm

Final Numbers will Determine Which Elim Round Each LD Division Will Break To



Round 1 5:00 pm
Round 2 7:30 pm


Round 3 9:00 am
Round 4 12:00 pm
Round 5 2:30 pm
Round 6 Varsity and Novice Quarters 5:30 pm
Octos Varsity/Novice Semis 8:00 pm


Quarterfinals Varsity/Novice Finals 9:00 am
Semifinals 12:00 pm
Finals 2:45 pm