2nd Vancouver Winter Classic

2024 — Online, CA

Welcome to the 2nd Vancouver Winter Classic Hosted by Grandview Heights Secondary Debate

Please see the invitation below for more information

On Behalf of the Grandview Heights Speech & Debate Club I sincerely welcome you to the Invitation for the 2nd Vancouver Winter Classic. The 2024 Winter Classic will be held on January 26-27, teams from across North America are invited to attend. The tournament format will be online through Discord and will be tabbed through TabbyCat.

Following our Student-Led and Non-Profit nature, there will be no entry fees for the tournament besides fulfilling the judging requirements.

The format will contain 5 impromptu rounds with 20 minutes of prep time.

Awards will be given for all breaks and TOP 5 speakers

Debater Registration Form:


Only one person from a partnership/team is needed to fill out this form. Ensure to include both partner's information.

Judge Registration Form:


Judges have to be either an 18+ adult fluent in English or in high school with previous debate experience

Volunteer Judges can request for volunteering hours at the end of the tournaments by emailing zhangvictor800123@gmail.com. Every round is considered as 2 hours for your valuable time.

Please see the following document for more information. If there is any questions or concerns feel free to contact zhangvictor800123@gmail.com or grandviewdebate@gmail.com