Sayre Async Speech And Debate Tournament

2024 — Online, PA/US

January 26, 2024-January 28,2024

Hosted by Sayre Area High School

Results are now published! Congratulations to all of our competitors!

View and print certificates for the top three finishers in each category.

Please consult the tournament invitation periodically. We’re hard at work to prepare for a great tournament, and there may be circumstances to which we must adapt that are beyond our control. We will use this invitation as a central source for conveying this information.

*We do not offer hired judging. Please make arrangements as a school to cover your judging obligations.

Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to Sayre Area High School's first asynchronous tournament. Find us at

The following events will be asynchronous: Dramatic, Humorous, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous, Impromptu, Informative, Program Oral Interpretation, Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation, Declamation, and Radio Speaking. We will also offer Junior High events in Duo Interpretation, Oral Interpretation, Declamation, and Impromptu.

Oral Interpretation: Students may submit either their prose or poetry selections.

Impromptu and Extemp topics are now available under Uploads.

Videos should be recorded (either by the coach or the students), uploaded to YouTube as "Unlisted", and then a link to that video should be added to the student's registration information in Tabroom.

Speech Ballots:

-Please enter points for each speaker, from 100-1. Your top speaker should receive the highest amount of points. No ties.

-Please write a minimum of 30 words of feedback on ballots. You will be asked to go and add more feedback if there are not at least 30 words per ballot.

The following events will be held virtually on Saturday, January 27: Varsity Lincoln Douglas, Novice Lincoln Douglas, Intermediate Lincoln Douglas, Varsity Public Forum, Novice Public Forum, and Intermediate Public Forum.

Tentative schedule: All times EST
January 25, 8:00pm- All speech entries and video links due
January 26, 8:00am- All speech rounds released
January 27, 9:00am- Debate rounds begin, virtually
January 28, 10:00am- All speech ballots and feedback due
January 28, Evening- Results released

Cost is $5 per entry and payments are accepted by check.

Results will be published/emailed on January 28, 2024, with a downloadable certificate template.

If you have questions about the tournament, please contact Christianna Friedrichsen,

Special thanks to Sue Culver, Mount Markham Speech & Debate Coach, for her Tabroom expertise and for overseeing the Debate portion of this tournament!

Thank you all for everything you do and have a great season!

Christianna Friedrichsen

Sayre Area High School Head Coach