NCFL Massachusetts Combined Qualifier

2024 — Shrewsbury, MA/US

The Catholic Leagues of Massachusetts are pleased to invite your team to participate in the 2024 NCFL National Qualifying Tournament. The Boston Catholic Forensic League and the Central New England Catholic Forensic League (Worcester Diocese) will join forces on February 10th, 2024, at Shrewsbury High School for this annual qualifying event.

At this tournament, the top contestants from each league will be chosen to represent their league at the Grand National Tournament. Plans for the national tournament continue to move forward and it will be held in-person in Chicago, IL during Memorial Day Weekend. The BCFL will qualify the top 6 students in each event and the CNECFL will qualify the top 5 students in each event to represent their league at the NCFL Grand National Tournament.

Important details can be found in the tournament invitation.