CFL Debate CHSSA State Quals

2024 — Palo Alto, CA/US

Parli Topic Doc

All schools must have completed CFL's re-registration procedure (CFL Reg Info) and have paid their 2023 Fall Invoices.


Pre-Tournament Questions:

Palo Alto High School Map


Each prelim round will be judged by 2 judges. Elim rounds will have 3 judges.

All event judging pools are combined. Please consult the Judge Info Sheet for more information.

Judge obligation is 1 judge : 2 students (e.g. one judge per debate team , or one judge per 2 LDers) - Article XXVII.1


Article XIV.5
A. State Qualifying competition shall be offered in each of the following events, though these may happen at two separate tournaments: Lincoln Douglas Debate, Policy Debate, Parliamentary Debate, Public Forum.
B. Eligible contestants shall have had at least one varsity win in a CFL competition during the current term (see II.1.B.4). One entry per event from each school may enter without a varsity win in each qualifier.
C. Each school may enter up to 5 entries each in LD, PF, Policy, and Parliamentary debate. Wild-card entries (see 2.K) do not count against the school's per-event entry limit. In PF/Parli/Policy the two partners receive their wild card as a team. Wild cards may only be used for the debate event in which they were won.

Article XIII.7
No late entries will be accepted.


Rounds will be flighted as needed, with the exception of policy debate.

Please note that parli topics are announced at the round start time; prep will end and rounds will begin 20 min later

Rounds are subject to be moved forward if time permits.

Friday, March 1

Check-in: 4:00 PM

Schools not checked in by 4:30 PM by their legal chaperone, in person, will be dropped from the tournament.

Round 1: 4:45 PM

Round 2: 6:15 PM

Saturday, March 2

Round 3: 8:45 AM

Round 4: 11:00 AM

Round 5: 1:30 PM

Elimination Round 1 (If necessary): 4:00 PM

Elimination Round 2 (If necessary): 6:00 PM




Policy - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

The Parli Topic Area is Geopolitical Area: Africa.

Judge Info Sheet

Health & Wellness

If you’re feeling sick, CFL strongly prefers that you not attend the tournament to protect other participants, including people who are immunocompromised and/or live with others who are immunocompromised. Although proof of vaccination and/or masking are not required by CFL, masks will be provided at the tournament for those who wish to wear them. No participant will be penalized for wearing/not wearing a mask; and all participants should respect each other’s health & wellness preferences, including (but not limited to) masking and social distancing.