Coolidge Qualifier with Outreach Debate

2024 — Zoom, US

The Coolidge Foundation is partnering with Outreach Debate to give the winning team a qualification to the Coolidge Cup, a prestigious national tournament that has more than $15,000 in prizes. If you cannot register on tabroom, use this google form

Our tournament begins on Jan. 20th and is expected to end on Jan 21st. We will use the Section 230 topic and only hosting for Public Forum debate.

While this tournament is free, we hope you can donate to our organization which is dedicated to future tournaments like these. To date, we've hosted three camps that have helped more than 500 debaters across the country and world. Here's our donation link:

Tournament Schedule

Jan. 20th

Round 1 Pairings - 10:30 AM EST

Round 1 Start Time - 11:00 AM EST

Round 2 Pairings - 12:00 PM EST

Round 2 Start Time - 12:30 PM EST


Round 3 Pairings - 2:00 PM EST

Round 3 Start Time - 2:30 PM EST

Round 4 Pairings - 3:30 PM EST

Round 4 Start Time - 4:00 PM EST


Partial Quarters Pairings - 5:30 PM EST

Partial Quarters Round Start - 6:00 PM EST

Partial Semis Pairings - 7:00 PM EST

Partial Semis Round Stat - 7:30 PM EST

**Depending on entries, rounds 5 and 6 may become elimination rounds**

Jan. 21st

Finals Pairing - 10:30 AM EST

Finals Start Time - 11:00 AM EST