UDL MS Nationals

2024 — NSDA Campus, MA/US

Tournament Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83506221390?pwd=elF5Ris0SVhFcVg1YTFERDdqZ1g5Zz09


Google Doc Invitation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TnzutrN2tqE1sRHxhkqRg1DTupObE8ikAwDnduofad8/edit?usp=sharing

Dear UDL Debate Coaches and Admin

We would like to take this opportunity to extend to you and your team an invitation to The sixth Annual UDL Middle School National Debate Tournament this spring!

We hope to provide middle school students with a unique, high-quality competitive and educational experience that will help all of our programs and offer to our younger debaters the same competitive atmosphere as our high school debaters.

This event is being run by a coalition of UDLs around the nation, NOT the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues. NAUDL has contributed to this tournament as a thought-partner, though its focus remains the high school tournament at this time, so we ask that all communication with regards to this tournament be directed to the tournament staff and highlighted contacts below.

Important Info

Dates: Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Tournament Events: Policy Debate (definitely), and any other format we have 8+ entries for across multiple leagues. Email tournament staff if you’d like us to host a new format.

Tournament Location: Online (likely NSDA Campus)

Registration and More Info: http://udlmsnats.tabroom.com/

Online Resources: Courtesy of the TOC:

Policy Tournament Schedule

Saturday, May 4th

Sunday, May 5th

Pairings Posted

7:00 CST


7:00 CST

Round 1

8:00 CST


8:00 CST

Round 2

10:30 CST


10:30 CST

Round 3

1:00 CST


1:00 CST

Round 4

3:30 CST

Awards Ceremony

5:30 CST

*All 3-1 or better teams will break

Registration Tournament Entry Fee - $25/team

How we calculated the registration fee: The entry fee allows us to order trophies and have them mailed directly to recipients, covers online platform costs, and allows for the tournament to hire a few extra judges to ensure a high quality judge pool. Our goal is to run a cost-neutral tournament, nobody is making money on this tournament.

Judging Requirement

Leagues are expected to provide 1 judge for every 2 teams in attendance. This applies to Policy, and other potential divisions hosted (PF, LD, World Schools, etc.). If Congress / Speech are requested, we’ll default to national norms for judge obligations.

Individual leagues may determine who is qualified to judge, but we encourage them to consider folks who have coached or judged this age group and debate format this year. This is nationals, we want the young people to have experienced judges who can provide nuanced feedback in the back of the (zoom) room. Participating leagues are encouraged to “bring” extra volunteer judges if possible. If a league cannot meet this judge burden, please reach out to the tournament directors to discuss options.

Registration Deadline - April 26, 2024

Tournament Directors

If you have any questions, please contact:

*Roger Nix - Boston Debate League (rnix@bostondebate.org)

*David Trigaux - Washington Urban Debate League (david.trigaux@urbandebate.org)


Entry Limits

Leagues are restricted in the following ways (all restrictions apply to the entire tournament, not on a “per event” basis)

  • No more than 6 teams from a league may compete in each event

  • At least 66% (two-thirds) of a league’s entries must be from High Needs schools (High Needs = % of Middle Schools Served with >50% Free or Reduced Lunch)

  • Both partners must be currently in grades 5 through 8

  • All entries must be approved by the UDL that they participate in

Use of Electronic Devices

  • Debaters must comply with the “NSDA Guidelines for Laptop Use in Debate Events.”

  • As per the above, internet use is only permitted for the following purposes during rounds:

    • Accessing the tournament website and virtual debate rooms

    • Partner-partner communication

    • Making evidence available to the opponent and/or judge if requested

    • NOTE, this means evidence cards should be cut before rounds, not during rounds.

Policy Debate Tournament Rules Competition Rules

  • All debaters will compete in one division which will be powermatched each round.

  • Middle school debaters will compete using standard High School times:

    • 8 minute constructives

    • 5 minute rebuttals

    • 3 minute CX

    • 8 minutes of prep

  • Students will debate the National NFHS Policy Debate Resolution

Evidence Restrictions / Disclosure

Open research is allowed and will follow the NSDA Evidence Guidelines. Debaters will be restricted to arguing Affirmatives and Off-Case Positions on the Submitted Case List. Any argument is allowed, as long as they are submitted by the disclosure deadline. Submitted Affirmatives must include plan/advocacy text and advantages, and may include link to case text.

Submit Disclosure Here

View Disclosure Here: 2024 Policy Tournament Case/Off-Case Disclosure

2022 Tournament Disclosure (to be viewed for examples)

2019 Tournament Disclosure (to be viewed for examples)

Disclosure Deadline: April 26th, 2024