Capital City Extemp Round Robin

2024 — Pflugerville, TX/US

Welcome to the Texas Capital City Extemporaneous Speaking Round Robin! This will be the 12th year of the tournament and we are excited to invite some of the best extemporaneous speakers from across the state. This is an INVITATION ONLY round robin. If you are interested in being invited to next year's CCRR, please email us.

Due to the historical success of Texas’ extemporaneous speakers on the national level, this tournament is designed to provide an opportunity for the best in the state to work together, practice, learn, and hone their skills in preparation for upcoming highly-competitive tournaments. Historically, students attending the Cap City Round Robin have gone on to win or final at TFA State, NSDA Nationals, Harvard, Berkeley, and other prestigious tournaments. The tournament also affords coaches the opportunity to exchange best practices and learn from peers who are also passionate about developing informed, articulate speakers.

This year, the round robin will be held at Hendrickson High School on Friday and Saturday, February 9th and 10th. Preliminary rounds will begin at 6:00 PM on Friday, and the final round will begin around 6:00 PM on Saturday. Complimentary meals will be provided for you and your student(s). The entry fee to participate in this tournament is $50. Participants must provide one extemp-qualified judge (the option to “buy out” of a judging obligation is available, but we prefer ).

We hope to make this experience as enjoyable and instructive as possible, and with your participation, we believe this will be a wonderful opportunity for some of Texas’ most talented speakers.

Tournament Co-Directors

Kirsten Nash
Director, Hendrickson Speech & Debate

Joseph Uhler
Assistant Director, Flower Mound Speech & Debate