Caddo Magnet Mustang Classic

2024 — Shreveport, LA/US

Welcome to the annual CMHS Mustang Classic

We are thrilled to host you and your team this year. In order to provide a well timed schedule given our late dismissal time, we will be offering a 2 day debate only tournament. We will offer CX, LD and PF divisions. Students will be split into novice and advanced division granted we have enough entries. Please consult the LHSSL manual for information about what qualifies as novice.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are $10 per person and students are only allowed to enter 1 event. There will also be a 1 time $25 hospitality charge per school.


Judge requirement - 1 judge for every 3 entries. All judges will be placed in the same pool. Judges should expect to receive ballots in any and all events.

Food/ Hospitality

We will be pre-selling lunch tickets for a smother distribution. During the online registration process you can select the number of pizza lunches you would like to order for students. Lunches are $10 and will include 2 slices of pizza, a snack (chips/cookies) and a canned drink. Hospitality will be provided for all judges, coaches and chaperones.