Eastlake High School Swing Tournament

2024 — El Paso, TX/US

Eastlake High School would like to invite you to the 2024 Eastlake “Legally Fun” Speech & Debate Swing Tournament!

Updates will be posted through Tabroom's email system.

Eastlake High School students will be competing in this tournament.

All efforts will be made to panel out-rounds throughout the tournament.

All events will be using the January topics released by NSDA and the Spring TFA Docket.

2024 Eastlake “Legally Fun” Speech & Debate Swing Tournament Schedule

Friday, January 26th, 2024


8:30am: Congress Prelim Session (stop at 11:30pm)(Spring Docket 1-6 in this order.)

12:30pm: Congress Final Session(Spring Docket 7-12)

Lincoln-Douglas & Public Forum

4:30pm: Round 1 LD and PF

5:30pm: Round 2 LD and PF

6:30pm: Round 3 LD and PF

7:30pm: Semis LD and PF

8:30pm Finals LD and PF

** Students who enter LD or PF may not enter any other events.

Extemp draw will begin 30 minutes prior to the round.
4:30 Prelims All Individual Events

6:30 Semis All Individual Events

8:00 Finals All Individual Events

Students are limited 3 individual events. Students may only enter one Extemp.