Tiger Takedown

2024 — Hurricane, UT/US


Any and all schools are welcome to register for the async events, or the in-person tournament.


Dear High School Debate Coaches:

Hurricane High School is proud to invite you to Tiger Takedown on January 27, 2024.Entry registration will be through our tournament site at www.tigertakedown.tabroom.com.


Debate Events: LD, PF, Policy, and Congress

IE Events: Combined Interps (Including POI), Spar, Character Spar, Poetry, Impromptu, Combined Extemp, Info, Original Oratory, and Big Questions.

Async Events: News Anchor and Declamation

We highly encourage your teams to try Big Questions at this tournament! We are running it as an IE so your debaters can still do their usual debate event.

Character Spar: Spar with a twist! In addition to choosing from a selection of topics, your debaters will choose from a selection of characters (pirate, Darth Vader, Elmo, etc.), where they will need to debate in character. Give this fun event a try!

Poetry: Poetry Interpretation allows a student to interpret one or more poems by one or more poets circling a common theme. Scripts are

required during the reading. Speeches should range between 5 and 10 minutes in length.

News Anchor: Speeches may be team or maverick. Perform the evening news! This may be real or fictional. Props and music are allowed.

Declamation: Declamation requires students to select a speech that was delivered in public and perform an excerpt of that speech to an audience. Speeches are up to 10 minutes in length. As a result, students typically shorten the text of the speech to meet time requirements. The event is not designed for students to mimic the original author of the speech. Instead, speakers are to develop an oration that delivers the message of the author in an original and engaging manner.


We will have 3 rounds of debates and 3 rounds of IEs.

Students may enter up to two IE events, unless they are competing in Extemp. Async entries do not count towards the entry limit.

Async entries are a great option for schools that will not be in person at our tournament, or for students that would like to compete in more events. Async video submissions are due Wednesday, January 24that 10:00 PM. You can submit either a YouTube link or a google drive link on Tabroom.


Medals will be awarded to 1st– 3rd places in all events plus sweepstakes. 4th-6th place will receive a certificate.

An award will also go out to the competitor with the highest amount of speaker points.

Async points count towards sweeps.


There are nearby restaurants including but not limited to, Taco Bell, Ernie’s Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars. Concessions will not be available for purchase at the school.

Judges will be provided with a meal, snacks, and drinks!


8:00 AM-Judges/Coaches Meeting

8:30 AM-Round 1 IE

9:45 AM -Round 2 IE

11:00 AM-Round 3 IE

12:15 PM-Lunch&Policy Round 1

12:45 PM-PF/LD Round 1&Congress First Session

2:00 PM - Policy Round 2

2:00 PM -PF/LD Round 2

3:00 PM-Congress Second Session

3:15 PM-PF/LD Round 3

3:45 PM-Policy Round 3

5:15 PM-Awards Ceremony in the Kolob Lecture Hall


Fees: $25 per school and $4 per entry

Judging: There are two judging categories you will register all judges in (In-person and async). To adjust availability, click “Round” under Availability after registering, and strike any timeslots they will not be available. This is useful if a judge cannot be there all day. Judges should also be able to do this themselves on their account.

Note that the judge burden is based off each individual slot. For instance, if your judge burden is 3, and one of those 3 judges is not available in timeslot 2, then you will be “short” one judge until you fill one more slot in timeslot 2.

The judge burden has been adjusted. There is no burden for IE, however your debate burden (1 per 2 students, and 1 per 5 in congress) will apply for the whole day instead.

Judge requirements are a little heavier to ensure we can avoid any conflicts and limit double flighting.

1 Judge per five students in Congress

1 Judge per 2 students in CX, PF, and LD (1 per team of 2, and 1 per two LD)

1 Judge per 5 async entries


Email is the most efficient way to reach me.jenson.walters@washk12.org. Please contact me if you have any questions about the tournament or about accessibility.

JJ Walters, Coach

Sarah Lebaron and Esther Wright, Team President and Vice President