D4 and D5 Qualifiers for NDT

2024 — Online, MI/US

District 4 & 5 NDT Qualifiers

Dates: Friday Feb 23 - Saturday Feb 24

Tournament Live Doc:


Tournament Zoom Room:


Judging Placement at Districts:

-- For D4 and D5, 3-person panels, determined using 5-person strike cards. Judges will be randomly placed on strike cards. (Constraints will be in place via tabroom, but not MPJ)

-- D4 and D5 will share a tournament space (zoom room) and judging pool, but the qualifying tournaments will remain separate.

-- We will use a shared judging pool with JV; Districts Rounds' judges will be paired before JV rounds.

-- $75/round fee for hired judging, if applicable. Reach out to sydneypasquinelli@gmail.com if you need help finding hired judging -- I will look to place-able judges in outside districts.

-- Judging commitments: 7 rounds/ 1 districts team; 2 rounds / 1 JV team

JV Scrimmage

-- We will run a JV scrimmage that runs simultaneous to our tournament schedule

-- 4 rounds of practice. Round 4 may have a "hidden final" for the top 2 seeds in each division, but we will not have any elim rounds or rounds with panels. Speaker awards and top places will be announced.

-- No MPJ. The purpose of this tournament is practice, and we do not want to compromise the districts tournament. Up front: we will pair JV and novice after we pair the districts' rounds.

-- Judging commitment: 2 rounds / team. Unless you designate them as JV only, they may be assigned to districts rounds or novice/JV rounds, as we will use a shared pool. If your judges are capable of judging NDT level debates, please do not restrict them to JV!

-- Teams from other districts are welcome at the scrimmage, as long as you are OK with the terms set above.


As circumstances arise, we may need to stretch the schedule out a bit...


All Preset Pairings Released - 2pm ET / 1pm CT

D4 - 5 Preset Rounds

D5 - 4 Preset Rounds


Round 1 Strike Card Process

- Begins at 3pm ET / 2pm CT

- Pairings with judges will be posted by 5pm ET / 4pm CT at the latest

Round 1 Begins - 6pm ET / 5pm CT

Round 2 Strike Card Process

- Begins at 9pm ET / 8pm CT

- Pairings with judges will be posted whenever they are complete on Friday night


Round 2 Begins - 9am ET / 8am CT

Round 3 Strike Card Process

- Begins at 11:00am ET / 10:00am CT

- Pairings with judges will be posted ASAP

Round 3 Begins - 12:45pm ET / 11:45am CT

Round 4 Strike Card Process

Round 4 Begins - 4:30pm ET / 3:30 CT

D5 and JV AWARDS -- Short recognition banquet in main zoom room following RFDS

Round 5 Strike Card Process

Round 5 Begins - 8:15pm ET / 7:15pm CT.

Judges committed for R5 include: All D4 Judges, All Hired Judges, All Judges who signed up for 5 rounds.

If you are a D5 Judge and you only signed up for 1-4 rounds of commitment, you are not obligated for R5.

10:30 ish / 9:30ish -- D4 AWARDS -- Short recognition banquet in main zoom room following RFDS