UHSAA 5A State Speech and Debate

2024 — Salem, UT/US

Dear Coaches! The end is quickly coming up…PEASE ASK QUESTIONS AS NEEDED/WANTED!

Please find important information regarding Region and Especially State tournaments.

  1. Region Tournaments and Directors (updating is ongoing, fill in if you know)

  2. State Tournament Directors and Sites:

    1. 6A Westlake High School, Tanner Latham and Rachel Billings

    2. 5A Salem Hills High School, Adam Jensen

    3. 4A Payson High School/Payson Jr High School, Jon Lundgreen (Tanya assisting as needed)

    4. 1-3A, USU East in Price, Tanya Roundy Director/Coordinator (3A Steve Porter, 2A Jake Nielsen, 1A Rowdy Miller and Laycee Jensen)

  3. State Schedule

  4. Please check with your admin on their processes, but ultimately is up to you to ensure that students meet the Eligibility requirements for UHSAA competition.

  5. Double check that your students have not attended more than 10 regular season tournaments. (does not count region, state, or national qualifiers) It DOES include any online or out of state tournaments. NSDA Springboard series counts as one tournament no matter how many attended in the series.

  6. Review the Handbook (we are coming out with the clarified parts in the rules that had procedures based on nationals for Impromptu and Extemp fixed, as well as Fixed SPAR speech order–they will follow what our norms are)

  7. Especially review Evidence and Electronic device (ineternet) rules and consequences.Evidence Guide

  8. Please ensure that you understand and your students understand rules of conduct and good sportsmanship overall from the UHSAA as well.

  9. Congressional Legislation –For Directors

    1. Legislation List

  10. Ensure that your Judges are trained and understand how to use Tabroom, Ballots/Rubrics, and leave comments/feedback. All Judges should complete the following training at UHSAA site


  1. Review Congressional Orders of the Day, especially what is preset priority and why we have it. If you are unsure, please reach out and we can provide this for you and how/why it works.

  2. Code of conduct for Students and Coaches and Judges

  3. Ombuds and protest procedures

  4. Video is allowed, respect would dictate that individuals ask the others and be respectful of those decisions.

  5. Observers are allowed, but should be respectful and not disruptive. They should not be on electronic devices to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

  6. Flowing is permitted by observers.