Katy ISD Novice Night 4

2024 — Katy, TX/US

Welcome to Katy ISD Novice Night #4! This tournament will be hosted at Seven Lakes High School on Wednesday, January 31.

This tournament is only open to schools in Katy Independent School District. Any other entries will be deleted. Note that this Novice Night has a new schedule, having only two rounds of debate and no dinner portion.


PF and LD will use the January 2024 topics. No novice topics will be used.

PF: Resolved: The United States federal government should repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

LD: Resolved: The United States ought to substantially reduce its military presence in the West Asia-North Africa region.


R1: This House supports a salary cap for professional sports teams.

R2: This House supports a salary cap for professional sports teams. (Sides flipped)


Congressional Debate will be limited to the following bills from the Spring 2024 TFA Docket, that shall be debated in this order: 4, 16, 2, 11, 17. Individual chambers are welcome to table legislation if they wish to skip it or come back to it later. All bills must have at least 1 speech in affirmation and negation before the previous question may be moved.





3:15-4:00 - Arrive, Check in, get situated

3:30 pm - Round 1 Extemp Prep Start. We will have SLHS students draw first and hold draw up until 4:15 for other schools.

4:00 pm - Round 1 PF, LD, CX, WSD, Speech, Congress session begins

5:00 pm - Round 2 Extemp Prep Start

5:30 pm - Round 2 PF, LD, CX, WSD, Speech

7:15 pm - Hard stop Congress