Jesuit Dallas Debate Invitational

2024 — Dallas, TX/US

Jesuit College Prep Debate Invitational

12345 Inwood Rd

Dallas, Texas 75244

Greetings from Dallas Jesuit! Jesuit will host TFA tournament on Feb 9-10, 2024. We will host Varsity CX, Varsity LD, Varsity Public Forum, and Worlds Debate on Friday and Saturday. We will host Varsity Congressional Debate using a schedule that holds all rounds on Friday night. We will provide dinner to all competitors on Friday and lunch on Saturday, cost included in entry fees.

Individual Events will be hosted on Saturday at McMillen HS in Plano – please see their entry on Tabroom for registration.

We plan to have Jesuit teams compete in our tournament, including elims if they advance per the TFA home court/field initiative.

Please email Tracy McFarland at if you have any questions.

Debate events - entry on Tabroom is necessary. Please email Tracy McFarland at if you have any questions about how to register. We will use Tabroom for all balloting and pairings.

Entry Deadlines

February 1, 2023 5:00 pm -PreferredEntry Deadline.

February 5, 2023 is the last day for drops. You may continue to make changeson the site without penalty until the drop deadline. If you have changes after February 5 please email Tracy McFarland at

We will waitlist teams until judging is entered. If you know that you will not be able to cover your judging, please email as soon as possible.

Each school is required to provide 2 rounds of judging for each entry for WSD, LD, Public Forum and CX. If you have questions about this judging commitment, please email

Each school is required to provide at least 1 qualified judge per 5 entries in Congressional Debate [if possible to provide a judge that could judge in another event other than Congress in order to make the judge useful if the field is small, would be most appreciated].

Please remember that providing a judge is a requirement; however, constraints in events based on numbers entered by a school may limit usage of that judge. A limited number of judges will be available for hire through the tournament. The sooner you enter judge information, the easier it will be to make sure we have enough.

We ask that all judges put their judge philosophy on the if judging debate events.

Makes fee checks payable to Jesuit Dallas.