Augusta Speech Invitational

2024 — Augusta, KS/US

TIM LANER---Head Coach Cell: 316-304-7931
E-Mail School:

DANNY PARK---Assistant Coach (Tab—Tabroom) Cell: 316-295-6324

E-mail School:
School: (316) 775-5461 FAX: (316) 775-3484

The Augusta High School Forensics Squad cordially invites you to attend our forensics tournament on
Saturday, January 27 . Please send your entries or your intentions to attend in early to ensure a place
for your school. Our space is limited. You will register through All questions dealing with
Tabroom, please send to Danny Park:

The following events will be offered: informative (7 and 10 combined), impromptu, original
oration, U.S. Ext, International Extemp, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, duet
acting, poetry, prose, POI and DUO (NFL rules apply).

***Please note: We DO NOT offer IDA—see above list.

ENTRIES: We will allow 20 entries per school (Students may triple enter in impromptu and two other
events) The top 15 will count towards sweepstakes.

FEES: $7.00 per person per event $14.00 per DUET or DUO team

MEDALS: Medals will be given to the top 6 in each event

SWEEPSTAKES: Sweepstakes trophies will be given to the top THREE schools.

Registration: 7:00—7:45am

7:45Ext Draw begins

Round I 8:00
Round II 9:30
Round III 11:00

Finals: 1:30

Awards 3:30?

**Please send in your entries to—no later than January 25

JANUARY 27, 2024 (Saturday)

NAME OF COACH_________________________________________________
NAME OF SCHOOL________________________________________________
SCHOOL E-MAIL__________________________________________________

(20 ENTRIES ALLOWED) (DUE BY January 25, 2024)
_______INFORMATIVE (7 and 10) ______________FEE
_______ORIGINAL ORATION ______________FEE
_______ U.S. EXTEMP. ______________FEE
_______INTERNATIONAL EXT _______________FEE
_______HUMOROUS INTERP. ______________FEE
_______DRAMATIC INTERP. ______________FEE
_______DUET ACTING ______________FEE ($14.00 per team)
_______DUO ______________FEE ($14.00 per team)
_______POETRY ______________FEE
_______PROSE ______________FEE
_______POI _______________FEE
_______IMPROMPTU ______________FEE
TOTAL_____________ ______________TOTAL