Nebraska South District Tournament

2024 — NE/US

Nebraska South District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
IE, Debate
Millard North HS
Millard, NE
Congress, BQ
Lincoln Southeast High School
Lincoln, NE
Sat 3/16 Sat 3/16 BQ HSE SEN

Hello Nebraska South District Coaches --

Hi all - hopefully everyone's season is going well. We are about one month away from our first NSDA qualifying tournament, I wanted to reach out with some information about our qualifying series of tournaments.

We'll be using Tabroom software for all tournaments. Debate folks are vary familiar; speech folks do take a look if you haven't already.

Dates and Locations --

March 2, 2024 -- Speech AND debate qualifiers. Millard North High School

This is a one-year pilot with the combined tournament. We will evaluate after the tournament and decide if we will move forward with this structure next year.

March 16, 2024 -- Congressional Debate and Big Questions Debate Qualifiers. Raymond Central High School.

Next up - judging --

Judge Form

As you know, we cannot run this tournament without judges. I am sending you the judge form for this year and asking you to send it to your judges. You should fill out the form as should any assistant coaches who will be judging that day. You will not be required to handle the hiring, paying, or registering any of these judges on Tabroom. Head coaches are obligated for three rounds. Coaches will be paid for any additional rounds.

Fees -

Fees will go unchanged from last year (do remember the entry fee goes to pay judges):

Debate - $50

Speech - $25

Congress - $15

BQ - $15

Awards and Recognition --

Please nominate deserving students, coaches, assistant coaches, and administrators for our annual district awards. Here are the links to the nomination forms. These links are also on the live doc.

Student of the Year Nomination Form

Coach of the Year Nomination Form(We choose a speech coach and a debate coach of the year)

Assistant Coach of the Year Nomination Form

Administrator of the Year Nomination Form

Congress Bills --

Congress bills are due on February 9. Each school may submit three bills to the committee for the mass docket. From that docket we will be voting on our district’s bills in order to set the docket for quals. We will be voting on all the bills on the mass docket from our district. PLEASE number your bills in the order in which you want them considered, as we will only consider the top two for state.The legislation is due Friday, February 9th.Each school can submit THREE pieces of legislation.More on the process in a future email.



Finally - I know it's early, but if you have an estimate of how many in each event you are planning on bringing, that would be very helpful!

NSDA Nebraska South Committee Members --

Tommy Bender (Chair) - Lincoln Southeast

Nick Herink - Lincoln East

Matt Rosenau - Norris

Victoria Freeman - Lincoln High

Colten White - Lincoln Southeast


(402) 580-0537