14th Annual Alief Hastings Speech and Debate Tournament

2024 — Houston, TX/US

Friday, January 19, 2024

3:15 Extemp Draw

3:45 Section A Prelims (Duo, DX, FX, NX, HI, OO, POI)

5:15 Section B Prelims (DA, DI, IMP, INF, NOI, POE, PR)

6:15 Extemp Draw

6:45 IE Semis

8:00 Extemp Draw

8:30 IE Finals

We will be flighting LD and PF due to large entry numbers and space/judging constraints. Please be prompt in getting to rounds.

Saturday, January 20, 2024 **UPDATED SCHEDULE - CURRENT AS OF THURSDAY, 1/18

9:00AM CX Round 1, LD Round 1, PF Round 1, WSD Round 1

10:30AM WSD Round 2

11:00AM Congress Prelims, LD Round 2, PF Round 2

11:15AM CX Round 2

11:45AM-12:45PM WSD Round 3 (Impromptu Motion Drop)

12:45PM-1:45PM WSD Round 3

1:30PM CX Round 3, LD Round 3, PF Round 3

2:30-3:30PM WSD Semis (Impromptu Motion Drop)

3:00PM Congress Finals

3:30PM WSD Semis Round, LD Round 4, PF Round 4

3:45PM CX Elim #1

6:00PM WSD Finals, PF/LD Elims as fast as possible after prelims

6:15PM CX Elim #2