Horizon High School Scorpion Super Slam

2024 — El Paso, TX/US

The Horizon High School would like to invite you to the 2024 Scorpion Super Slam! Our information can be found below and we will be sure to keep you updated through Tabroom's email system.

Being that our tournament will be held very early in the new year, we will be offering trophy awards to all finalists in all events, as well as the fun event of duet improvisation at our tournament.

Horizon High Schools will be competing at this tournament; however, our students who have already qualified for state will likely not be included in our entry.

We will make every effort to panel out-rounds throughout the tournament.

All events will be using the January topics released by NSDA and the Spring TFA Docket.

Duet Improvisation will be limited to 3 entries per school. In the round, competitors will be given 3 scenarios from an envelope. Once they have chosen a scenario to perform, they will have 7 minutes total to prepare and perform their skit. No introduction necessary. No chairs or props may be used.

Horizon Scorpion Super Slam Tournament Schedule

Friday, January 5th, 2024

9:30am: Congress Prelim Session (stop at 12:30pm) (Spring Docket 1-6)

1:30pm: Congress Final Session (Spring Docket 7-12)

5:00pm: Round 1 LD and PF

6:15pm: Round 2 LD and PF

7:30pm: Round 3 LD and PF

Saturday, January 6th, 2024

8am: Draw IX Prelim in Courtroom

8:30am: Prelims IX, HI, Duet, Info, POI Semis LD and PF

10am: Draw USX Prelim in Courtroom

10:30am: Prelim USX, Duo, OO, DI, DIMP

12pm: Draw IX Semis

12:30pm: Semis IX, HI, Duet, Info, POI Semis LD and PF

2pm: Draw USX Semis

2:30pm: Semis USX, Duo, OO, DI, DIMP

3:30pm: Draw IX Finals

4:00pm: Finals IX, HI, Duet, Info, POI

4:30pm: Draw USX Finals

5:00pm: Finals USX, Duo, OO, DI, DIMP