Harvard Westlake MSPDP Open

2024 — Los Angeles, CA/US

Topics for the January 15th MSPDP Tournament:

  • The United States should have a single-day national primary for presidential elections.
  • The US should prioritize deep-sea exploration over space exploration.

Teams will debate each topic twice - once on both sides.


The tournament is on Monday, January 15, on the Upper School Campus of Harvard-Westlake. The campus is on Coldwater Canyon Blvd.

Everyone from your team should arrive by 8:15 am. Coaches should check in with me by 8:25 am. I will assign rooms to each school. Coaches will meet in the tabroom for pairing releases and to collect colored paper for each round.

Rough Schedule:
8:25am: Check-in
8:45am: Coaches meet in tabroom for R1
9:10am: Round 1
10:30am: Coaches meet in tabroom for R2
11:00am: Round 2
1:00pm: Coaches meet in tabroom for R3
1:30pm: Round 3
2:45pm: Coaches meet in tabroom for R4
3:15pm: Round 4

General notes:
- Debaters should bring water bottles. We do not have vending machines and will not have anything for sale.
- Each school must have one judge per team available for every round.
- Debaters will be expected to transcribe speeches for each round onto the designated colored paper.
- Parents should not be involved in a debate round in any way. Too many parents think it's their job to police what the other team is doing and try to get a result from what they observe, either complaining to the judge or a coach.
- Judges should disclose their decisions and points. Judges should engage in the discussion if a debater asks questions about the decision.
- With 2-person teams, the debater who speaks twice must give the 1st and 3rd speeches. They may not give consecutive speeches for their team.
- We will not be printing any pairings. Pairings will be available at hwmspdp.tabroom.com and will be blasted to the email address associated with everyone's tabroom.com account.