Harvard Westlake Debates

2024 — Los Angeles, CA/US

Day of tournament Lincoln-Douglas Tournament Information Page (Updating): TBA

Day of tournament World Schools Tournament Information Page (Updating): TBA

We invite your school to the Harvard-Westlake Debates 2024.

We are offering competitions in the following debate events:

  • The HW Debate Challenge - In Person (Thursday 1/11 & Friday 11/12) *Invitation only
  • Varsity Lincoln-Douglas - In Person (Saturday 1/13-Monday 1/15)
  • Novice Lincoln-Douglas - In Person (Saturday 1/13-Sunday 1/14)
  • World Schools - Online (Saturday 1/14-Monday 1/15) *If you want to participate in person, we can make some rooms available.
  • Middle School Public Debate (Monday 1/15) - Registration and information can be found at hwmspdp.tabroom.com

All entries are on the waiting list until we have received payment for those entries (MSPDP excluded). Schools in good standing (e.g., schools with a consistent positive history with our tournament) can send proof that payment is in process. You can send that to mbietz@hw.com

Payments should be made to Harvard-Westlake School

Mail to:
Harvard-Westlake School
Attn: Mike Bietz - Debate
700 N Faring Road
Los Angeles, CA 90077

Independent entries are not allowed. Everyone competing must compete on behalf of the school they attend and be accompanied by an employee of the school or someone who has express permission from the school to make decisions on behalf of the school.

**NEW FOR LAST YEAR THAT WE WILL CONTINUE** We will do a couple of experiments with judging this year, hoping to decrease travel costs and improve the judging in the Varsity LD division.

  • We will allow an online judge to cover up to a full obligation. An in-person judge must cover your first full obligation.
  • We will allow judges to judge the same competitor during prelims but on the opposite side.

Rough schedule.

Thursday 1/11
The HW Challenge 3 single-flighted rounds starting at 3:30pm

Friday 1/12
The HW Challenge 3 single-flighted + Final round starting at 1:00pm

Saturday 1/13:
Varsity LD 3 double-flighted prelims starting at 8:00am
Novice LD 3 double-flighted prelims starting at 8:00am
World Schools 3 prelims starting at 9:00am

Sunday 1/14:
Varsity LD 3 double-flighted prelims + 1 elim starting at 8:00am
Novice LD 2 double-flighted prelims + 3 elims (maybe 2 elims) starting at 8:00am
World Schools 3 prelims starting at 9:00am

Monday 1/15:
Varsity LD 4 elims starting at 8:00am
World Schools 3 elims starting at 9:00am
MSPDP 4 prelims starting at 8:30am

**All judges in Varsity LD and World Schools are obligated for at least the first elimination round on Monday morning. Beyond that, judges are obligated one round beyond the elimination of their last debater.

** We will start single-flighting elim rounds as soon as possible.

** Some novice elims may be single-judged.

Round Robin - $150/entry
Varsity LD - $100/entry
Novice LD - $50/entry
World Schools - $100/entry
Hired Judge: $75/missing round
Per-person meal fee: $50 (this includes light breakfast, lunch & snacks for each day of the main tournament competition)

Prelim Round Judging Obligations
Round Robin - 6 rounds/entry
Varsity & Novice LD - 2 rounds/entry
World Schools - 3 rounds/entry

Sharing judge obligations: Schools may share judging obligations, but each school must pay $50.00 because we need to hire judges to cover elims where schools share a judge.

Judge Obligation/Hired Judges: Only qualified judges can cover your judge obligation. Parents of debaters competing at the tournament cannot cover judge obligations in any division. You can hire judges from the tournament at $75.00 per missing round. Unless you make arrangements with us, any uncovered judge obligation on 12/23 at 5:00 pm PST will be charged for a hired judge.

Hotel information: We will not have a block at any hotel this year, but if you are traveling and would like to get in on a block, please contact Greg Achten at gregachten@gmail.com.

Final deadlines and rules/procedures will be published by Friday, December 8, at 5:00 pm PST.