Bayou Battle Royale at Lincoln North Star

2024 — Lincoln, NE/US

UPDATE: Due to forecasted lethally dangerous wind chill and risky road conditions, the 2024 Bayou Battle Royale at Lincoln North Star is canceled. Because there is simply no other weekend to which the tournament can be moved within the Nebraska/NSAA schedule, we are simply unable to reschedule our tournament this season and will have to do our best to run it back in 2024-2025. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope to see everyone in the Nebraska circuit at the rescheduled semester opening Papilion tournament on January 27, 2024!


The Gator Debators are excited to welcome you to join us in Lincoln, NE for the Bayou Battle Royale 2024 at Lincoln North Star!

Please see our tournament invite for detailed information regarding our tournament including contact information, competitor eligibility, event schedules, tournament policies/rules, and more.