2nd Annual Doug Tschetter Novice Championship

2024 — Milbank, SD/US

Milbank is proud to sponsor the Second Annual Doug Tschetter Novice Championship Tournament. Any South Dakota novice LD'er or PF'er is welcome to participate in the tournament to be held on Saturday, January 6th, at the Milbank High School.

The December topic will be used for PF--loan forgiveness and LD'ers will be using the novice topic--mandatory service

We will start with 4 rounds with 3-1 or better teams advancing to quarters, then semi's, and final rounds. Trophies and/or medals will be awarded to all making it into the quarter-finals and farther.

We are asking that you bring your varsity debaters for judging in addition to the usual judges--and anyone else who wants to visit and share memories of Mr. Tschetter.

Please enter through Door 3 and head to the cafeteria to make camp--take a left and then a right to the dead end; you are just about there!

Concessions will be available from the Wrestling Boosters (they have a tournament that day--thank goodness!)

Guest Internet access will be available.

Meeting of the minds (and all others)--8:30, Theater

Round 1--9:00

Round 2--10:15

Round 3-- 11:15

Round 4--12:45

All 3-1 or better teams will break for quarters. This schedule may change a bit if more than eight teams break.

Round 5--Quarter-finals--2:00

Round 6--Semi finals--3:15