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2024 — NSDA Campus, WA/US

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Viking Raider Extravaganza

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All events hosted synchronously (live) on-line at NSDA CAMPUS

We are thrilled to be a NIETOC bid tournament!

We cordially invite you to our high school speech and debate tournament hosted online by Puyallup and Thomas Jefferson High Schools at NSDA’s Campus. We are ready to provide a quality tournament for you and your students.

This year, we will be offering Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum (both with an Open and Junior Division) and Worlds Style Debate (WSD) and Congressional Debate (in Open division). In addition, we will be offering all eight of the Washington State Individual Events, in addition to SPAR and EdComm, in Open division (with a celebration of the top novice in each category – please be sure to let us know if a student is a novice by checking the corresponding button on their registration). All speech and debate events will be synchronous. PLEASE make sure that you have a solid wi-fi connection. Challenges inevitably come up, but as coaches, we can have a profound impact on the running of the tournament and our students having a positive experience, if we take the time to make sure that they are able to access tabroom by checking that they can get in the practice room and use both their camera and microphone and that they have solid wifi access.

While this tournament is near the end of the season in Washington state, we are committed to focusing our tournament on education. We are thrilled that the tournament is a NIETOC bid in all NIETOC IE’s. NIETOC bids are based on the total number of students participating, so PLEASE be aware of that if you need to drop a student from an event. Also, all PF and LD will be using the JANUARY PF TOPIC, Congress will be using the Spring WSFA legislation packet (released December 1st and available on the VRE Tabroom site shortly thereafter) and Worlds will be using set motions for all rounds.

We will do our best to make sure that the tournament runs smoothly, professionally, and on time. The philosophical goals of our tournament are: Encourage scholarship, Record excellence, and Balance the spirit of competition with an Equitable and Inclusive atmosphere. We hope that you will join us to forge a new path of cooperation and competition.

Andrew Buchan and Isaiah Parker

Tournament Directors

Thomas Jefferson Speech/Debate Coaches

And ...

Sarah Sherry and Greg Stevens

Tournament Directors

Puyallup High School Speech/Debate Coaches


Registration this year will occur through the website The deadline for registration is Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 8:00PM. Fees will be set on that day. Drops after that date will not be deducted from the entry fee. Please register early. Changes in registration must be made on the website. We will leave the website open until Thursday January 18, at 9:00 PM for changes. Email Sarah Sherry drops ASAP WHEN YOU KNOW after that at

Concerning drops and changes: Please make changes before Friday afternoon. Late changes have a drastic impact on the tournament schedule. The earlier you can make changes for your entries, the better the chances are for an ON-TIME tournament. This is equally as true for students as it is for judges. If you have drops or changes in either category, please let us know STAT.

If payment cannot be made at the time of registration, schools should process and pay fees within a reasonable amount of time and send to:

Thomas Jefferson High School

C/O Andrew Buchan

4248 S 288th St

Auburn, WA 98001

Online Specific Info:

· We will be using NSDA Campus. Make sure that your students have active Tabroom accounts well ahead of the tournament. Otherwise, they won’t be able to compete.

· Cameras should be on. This is a safeguard against outside assistance, and it is an important accessibility feature. Cameras also help maintain the social atmosphere of speech and debate.

· MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENTS ARE READY TO GO. They need a decent webcam, working microphone and speakers, and MOST IMPORTANT, reliable internet connection.

Out of State Competitors: Please Read!

WSFA/WIAA regulations prohibit unsupervised students from attending the tournament. This means that in general, independent students may not attend any tournament in Washington State. If you do not have a school official “supervising” you either at registration or during competition, or if a problem arises and a school official is unavailable, you will be dismissed from the tournament without refund.

Additionally, all out of state competitors/teams must pay for their full registration, before competition. Please see payment page about how to set this up. Any out of state teams, not having paid in full before competition will be dropped before the tournament begins. If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to make contact with the tournament NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17 by 9PM.

An Inclusive Tournament

At all times, treat each other with courtesy and respect. Every person. Every room. We want a fun, positive, and educational environment.

If you are mistreated or you witness mistreatment—we encourage you to speak up against that if you feel safe doing so. Please report such events the information desk, located on Tabroom and then students should PLEASE report these issues to your coach.

Inclusive Pronouns

We encourage students, judges, and coaches to refer to others by their preferred pronouns. Please DO NOT ASSUME someone else’s gender.

Judging Equitably

Judges primary responsibilities include:

Make a welcoming environment at the beginning of the round. Hellos. Supportive comments. Equal amount of talking with all participants. At all times, treat students and others in the round with kindness and professionalism. In your feedback—be educational—you aren’t there to criticize the students—they’ve put effort into this activity. You are there to help them to improve.

Immediately, at the end of the round, submit your ballot with winners/speaker points. You can return to include comments later. We need your ballot winner/speaker points ASAP or it slows the entire tournament, please submit BEFORE any form of oral critique. But NO oral critique should ever last longer than the allotted time for the round!

ALL Judges should view this material: Here, you will find information on culturally competent judging and a link to the NFHS and their free training, entitled “Adjudicating Speech and Debate”

Students should not be judged on their clothing nor appearance unless their clothing undermines their speech’s specific message or encourages violence, hate or disruption during the tournament.

“We are all influenced by implicit bias, or the stereotypes that unconsciously affect our decisions. When judging, our implicit biases negatively impact students who are traditionally marginalized and disenfranchised. Before writing comments or making a decision, please take a moment to reflect on any biases that may impact your decision-making process.

Please remember that the video quality of a student’s performance or speech may be impacted by lighting, internet, access to equipment, and other family members’ presence in the home. To ensure a more equitable experience for our participants, please be sure your decision-making process and comments are related only to the content and quality of the presentation or speech itself.” (NSDA, 2021)


· LD, Public Forum, WSD, and Congressional Debate happen live—synchronously.

· Please check for the accurate topic wording for the January PF and January-February LD debate topics. Congressional Debate will use the Spring WSFA packet of legislation (released Dec 1st and posted on VRE tabroom site shortly thereafter) . WSD will use pre-set motions for the entire tournament.

· Students cannot double enter in PF, LD, WSD, Congress debate.

· Teams in LD, PF, and WSD are allowed up to ten minutes of tech time. If the debate is paused for technology related reasons, that team’s Tech Time begins to count down. If a team uses all of their Tech Time before the round ends, they will be required to move forward with the debate or forfeit that round, if they are unable to do so. The tech time is not to be used as prep.

· It is our intent to offer a full-service tournament which allows students to compete in multiple preliminary rounds and then elimination rounds. While our schedule plans for extensive elimination rounds, this is entirely a “numbers permitting” proposition; due to total registration number, prelim round breaks, unforeseen scheduling conflicts or low judging numbers we reserve the right to alter the schedule as needed.

Lincoln-Douglas: We will offer 2 divisions of LD - Junior and Open. Rounds will follow the 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 format and have 4 minutes of prep time per competitor. We will be using the January/February topic as published on the NSDA website. Resolved: The United States ought to substantially reduce its military presence in the West Asia-North Africa region..

Public Forum: We will be offering two divisions of Public forum – Junior and Open. We will use the January topic as published on the NSDA website. Resolved: The United States federal government should repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Rounds will follow standard PF time format with 3 minutes of prep per team and teams will coin flip for pro/con or 1st/2nd speaker.

World Schools Debate: We offer Open division of World Schools Debate. Rounds will follow NSDA World Schools format with two teams, proposition and opposition, with up to 5 debaters on each team but only 3 can participate in a specific debate round (all 5 may help in preparation but only the 3 debating can communicate with each other during the actual round). Each debater gives an 8 minute constructive speech and the 1st or 2nd speaker also gives a fourth “reply” speech of 4 minutes. The first and last minute of each speech is protected time when no questions can be asked. During unprotected time, the opposing team can request questions, but the speaker is not required to take any questions (but strategically, should take some). The side with the strongest argument wins the debate. All rounds will use pre-set motions.

Congressional Debate: We will be offering Open division for Congressional Debate. We will have no more than 25 students per chamber. Students will use the Spring WSFA congressional packet. This can be found on our site and the “Bound for State” Forensics page of WIAA. Please be sure your Congressional debaters have their own copies of the legislation. Based on the preliminary rounds, we will then break a maximum of 20(ish) students to Super Session.

We will follow the docket setting method suggested by the WSFA committee. Each school represented in each house will draw numbers to determine the order for a legislation draft. They will then take turns picking bills to be debated. This will determine the docket for the session. Separate Legislation for Super Congress is included in the WSFA packet and will ONLY be used for Super Congress. Any contestant may sponsor such an item in the event an author is not present in the chamber.

Individual Events: Synchronous Events

EXTEMPORANEOUS: Thirty minutes before speaking time, each speaker will select a topic from a choice of three—distributed on a Google Doc 30 minutes before speaking. Questions will be based on current events. Speaker will be expected to organize and analyze material relevant to the subject area and answer the chosen question. Time: seven minutes (7) maximum, with thirty seconds (30) grace.

IMPROMPTU: Student will be given a choice of three topics distributed in round through the chat feature by the judge – STUDENTS MUST BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE CHAT!!!!! The student will choose a topic and have six minutes to prepare and speak on the chosen topic. Time may be used in any manner the speaker chooses (example-2 minutes prep and 4 speaking or 4 minutes prep and 2 minutes speaking). Time: six minutes (6) maximum, with thirty seconds (30) grace.

SPAR: Each spar panel consists of approximately eight competitors. The debaters will be assigned affirmative or negative until all debaters are assigned to a side by the judge prior to the start of the round. Each pair will consider a single issue/resolution which is distributed in round through the chat feature by the judge – STUDENTS MUST BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE CHAT!!!!! Speakers will have one (1) minute before speaking must commence. The first affirmative speaker will give a (2) two-minute speech in favor of the resolution; immediately after that speech, the first negative speaker will refute the position in a (2) two-minute constructive. Strict adherence to the exact wording of the resolution is not required, but the debaters should at least regard the topic as a common frame-of-reference. Please see posted information on our page for more information on this event.

Informative: A speech that is designed to be informative in nature. Visual aids and note cards are permitted, but are not required. Time: ten minutes (10) maximum, with thirty seconds (30) grace.

DRAMATIC INTERP: A cutting from a published play, prose, poetry, TV, or radio script, which is serious in nature. The presentation is memorized but given without props or costumes. Time: ten (10) minutes maximum with 30 second grace period.

DUAL INTERP: A cutting from a published play, prose, poetry, TV, or radio script, which may be either humorous or serious in nature. The selection must be memorized but given without props or costumes. Time: ten minutes (10) maximum with a 30 second grace period.

ORATORY: An original speech designed to persuade—that is, to change or reinforce an existing belief, to eulogize, to cause agreement with a speaker’s position, or to motivate to action. This is a memorized event. Time: ten minutes (10) maximum, with a 30 second grace period.

HUMOROUS INTERP: A cutting from a published play, prose, poetry, TV, or radio script, which is humorous in nature. The presentation is memorized. Time: ten (10) minutes with thirty seconds (30) grace.

PROGRAMMED ORAL INTERP (POI): At least one cutting of prose and one cutting of poetry linked thematically. Time: ten (10) minutes maximum with thirty seconds of grace.

EDITORIAL COMMENTARY: The commentary takes a position on an issue of public concern as if the speaker were an editorialist attempting to influence the audience toward his/her point of view. The speaker is seated delivering the speech as if to a television camera. TIME LIMIT: 1:45-2:00 minutes EXACTLY (NO grace period).


1. Schools are required to provide one judge for every three (3) LDers and/or Public Forum, WSD Teams. Thus, if a team entered 4 LDers and 1 PF team, they should provide two judges for LD and one judge for PF or a total of three judges. A judge can ONLY cover ONE style of debate. One judge cannot cover entries in both LD and Worlds. And ONE judge cannot judge in multiple styles of debate. One judge is required to be nominated and available for every 5 entries from a school entering Student Congress participants. In individual events, one judge is required for each 5 IE’s entered. One student doing two events counts as two entries. A Dual Interp pair is counted as one entry. Judges can cover both individual events and debate. (Please make sure that judges are aware of the pool(s) which they are covering! This is one of the greatest challenges faced by tournaments, judges believe erroneously that they only have to do debate OR speech, but coaches have signed them up for both. This leaves the tournament short-handed and puts a great deal of pressure on those judges who are trying to help!)

2. Please do NOT enter a judge in two categories of debate!!! By putting them in both pools, it is easy to end up with them double-judging, which creates chaos while we try to get it accurate. Judges marked as Open LD and Open Public Forum should be experienced judges. Please add judging notes to assure that we are best able to use your judge. PLEASE make a note on their entry if this is their first time judging or if they are a Friday or Saturday only judge. All information that we receive will help us to use judges in the best place possible.

3. Judges are obligated to judge the category of debate for which their team is competing. Please only sign a judge up for a single debate event. Please provide specific information about the event(s) and division(s) for each judge. It is so important that all of this information is, also, communicated to your judges. We will need them for every round of the event for which they are registered – there is no such thing as owing a “1/2 judge.” Every round, every judge listed should be available. In addition to TWO rounds BEYOND the last round in which your team is competing.

4. We have a small number of judges for hire. Please email us in advance if you need to hire judges. Do not show up short. We will be forced to drop your competitors.

5. ALL judges must have their own account and their phone number linked to the account!!!! A judge who does not have their phone number listed on their Tabroom account will not be allowed to enter into the tournament. All ballots will be on-line. Please make sure your judges are familiar with this system. It is imperative that all judges are reminded to push “accept ballot” to signify that they have accepted the ballot. At the conclusion of each round, judges will be prompted to double-enter all ballots. Additional comments can be entered later but getting ballots in on a timely basis is key to keeping the tournament on track.

6. All speech judges must be able to use the chat feature within digital rooms. Impromptu, Spar, and Extemp topics will be posted on ballots, but judges will, also, be able to stop by a speech judge room to pick up google doc links for topics.

7. For judges who do not show up to rounds, we will contact coaches and if arrangements/ alternatives cannot be established, we reserve the right to assess nuisance/missed round/hired judge fees.


School Fee: $30

PF or WSD Teams: $25

LD Debaters: $15

Congress Debaters: $15

IE’s: $15/entry

Dual Interp: $20/entry

Hiring our Judges:

$100 for each uncovered LD debater or WSD/PF team.

$20 for each uncovered IE, SPAR, or Congress event

Nuisance fee: $20 -100/judge


1. Register early. The later you register, the lower chance you have of reserving a spot. We recommend establishing your entry by Tuesday, January 16.

2. No Drops will be credited after Wednesday, January 17 @ 9PM.

3. Fees will be assessed on Wednesday, January 17 @ 9PM. Any and all drops made after this point will be charged.

4. Please contact us about your drops prior to the tournament date/start time. Drops are the main reason tournaments get off to a slow start. Everyone benefits by communicating drops. It is easiest to make changes online at, until Thursday January 18 at 9:00pm. After this point, please email any drops or changes to Sarah Sherry.

DO NOT CALL Thomas Jefferson or Puyallup High Schools, nor Sarah Sherry for registration adds, drops, etc. This will only cause chaos as we are unlikely to receive these messages or they may be misdirected. These must be made through tabroom or email.

FOR LATE ADDS/DROPS/CHANGES: PLEASE contact Sarah personally and early at:


Friday January 19:


Rd 1 Debate: 4:00 – 6:00 Session 1 Congress: 4:00 – 6:15

Rd 2 Debate: 6:00 – 8:00 Session 2 Congress: 7:00 – 9:15

Rd 3 Debate: 8:00 – 10:00 Yes—prelim debates are double-flighted in LD, WSD, and PF.

Saturday January 20:


Rd 1 IE Synchronous: 8 – 9:30 (Extemp Prep begins at 7:45am)

Rd 4 Debate: 9:30 – 11:30 Super Session Congress 9:30 – 11:30

Rd 2 IE Synchronous: 11:30 – 1:00 (Extemp Prep begins at 11:15am)

Rd 5 Debate: 1:00 – 3:00 Super Session Congress 1:00 – 3:00

Rd 3 IE Synchronous: 3:00 – 4:30 (Extemp Prep begins at 3:00pm)

Quarters Debate: 4:30 – 5:30 ALL JUDGES JUDGE—THIS IS 100% NEEDED! (single flt)

Finals IE (All Events): 5:30 – 7:00 ALL JUDGES NEEDED!

(Extemp Prep begins at 5:30pm, debaters in quarters will be scheduled in the middle of the finals round to avoid conflicting with the debate elims)


8PM or ASAP - Awards: Announced in a Teams meeting, also posted on Tabroom in a very fancy ppt. All debate awards following debate quarters will be announced at the completion of the round.


ALL JUDGES are obligated for at least 2 out rounds, beyond their TEAM’s last competitor.


Contact Sarah Sherry, Tournament Director, at