The Hilltopper Classic

2023 — Milwaukee, WI/US

2023 Hilltopper Classic at Marquette Univ. HS

Saturday, December 2, 2023

3306 W Michigan Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208


Varsity Policy, Novice Policy, JV LD, Varsity LD & JV PF and Varsity PF. Maverick debaters are welcome.

Judge Requirements:

1 judge per 1-2 VCX/NCX/LD/PF entries or any fraction thereof.

LD and PF pools will be separate, numbers allowing.


$20.00 per LD entry. $30.00 per PF and Policy entry.

Online Check In (on tabroom) Starts 5:30 am ends by 7:30 am

Meeting/Kickoff: 8:00 am

Tentative Schedule:


Round 1- 8: 20 am

Round 2- 10:20 am


Round 3- 1:00 pm


Round 1-8:20

Round 2- 9:40 am

Round 3- 11:00 am


Round 4- 1:00 pm

Round 5- 2:20 pm

Awards- approx 4:00


Please remember that you want to arrive at our main entrance,3306 W.Michigan St.

For individual parking and vans, you may use the main lot in attached to the school building.

For buses, our building team has asked that you park in our lot across the street (corner of Michigan and 35th) and walk across from there. Please try to avoid dropping off right on the street.


The business office has let me know that there have been issues with our virtual pay systems lately, so we will have to go cash only. If there's a crisis, come and talk to me and we'll figure something out.

When You Arrive

After coming in the main entrance, you'll want to take the stairs on your left down to the basement- both the Commons and Judge's Lounge are there. Tabroom can be reached by heading up those same stairs to the library.

If mailing, please send to: Marquette University High School

Attn: Ross Johnson

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!