University of Houston Cougar Classic

2024 — Houston, TX/US

This is the temporary invite page for the 2024 University of Houston Cougar Classic.

Full invite to come later.

Important changes from previous years:

- Still a Friday - Saturday - Sunday tournament, but we'll be starting earlier on Friday to get 3 Debate Prelims in along with all of Congress. Saturday will have all IEs + 3 Debate Prelims and the first Elim. Sunday will be just debate elims.

- Hybrid Debate entries. We will allow online competition in the debate pools. They will be limited to 20% of the in-person pool. For the first two prelims we will pre-seed online entries against online entries to maximize the number of in-person debates for in-person teams. IEs will becompletely in-person and synchronous.

- Lower fees. We will be cutting entry fees across the board in both IEs and Debate events.

- Judge requirements. All teams are responsible for bringing judging to cover their entries, and schools will not be allowed off the waitlist until they have fulfilled this obligation. Teams that need the tournament to find judging for them will be required to tell the tournament before December 20th how many judges they need. Teams that require the tournament to find them judging after December 20th without contacting the tournament ahead of time will be charged a nuisance fee. The early deadline accounts for Christmas + New Years break and the logistical difficulties this entails. In-person entries cannot be covered with online judging.

Schools that need tournament hired judges can fill out this form to request judging:

Potential judges can fill out this form to indicate their interest in being hired: