George Mason Celebration Tournament

2014 — VA/US

Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of George Mason University, you are invited to participate in the First Annual Celebration of Women in Debate Tournament. This year’s competition will be hosted by George Mason University from Saturday, November 8th to Monday, November 10th, 2014.


Despite the major progress that has occurred in academic spaces for women, there are many activities in academia that are still largely dominated by men. This lack of academic participation can especially be seen in collegiate policy debate. Even though debate boasts a deep historical tradition of promoting progressive ideals, this mindset does not seem to extend to a broad proof of inclusivity in the activity itself. While this tournament is definitely not seen as a solution for ever problem concerning exclusion in debate, we hope that it can function as a step toward implementing and encouraging changes that place an emphasis on inclusion within our community.


            Our hope is to bring light and credit to the amazing talent, intellect and vigor that our community’s women bring to this activity.


We hope to see you all in Fairfax,

Jackie Poapst, Tournament Host 


*Amended Note: the tournament invite explains eligibility, but for easy access here is the eligibility for participation and judging at this tournament:

"Because this tournament was created to emphasize making steps toward broader inclusivity, in no way do we want to exclude because of strict guidelines of identity. With that in mind, all people who identify as female, including transgendered and intersex individuals, are eligible to debate and judge at this tournament.."


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