Queen City Atlanta Invitational B Meet

2024 — Queen City, TX/US

Atlanta/Queen City UIL ACADEMIC TEAM

Queen City/Atlanta UIL ACADEMIC MEET

Stephanie Chickadel/Alisa Morris


Atlanta High School

705 Rabbit Blvd

Atlanta, Texas 75551


Dear UIL Coordinator/Sponsor:

Queen City and Atlanta High School would like to cordially invite you to our 1st Annual Dual UIL Invitational B tournament. This UIL tournament will include all academic contests and speech/debate and will be held March 2nd, 2024 at Atlanta High School.

EVENTS: All UIL Academic, Speech and Debate events will be offered.

REGISTRATION: Please register at www.tabroom.com.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Stephanie Chickadel at schickadel@qcisd.net or Alisa Morris at amorris@atlisd.net (903-796-4411).

DEADLINES: All entries are due online by Wednesday, February 28th, by 4:00 PM. You may change names after this date, BUT drops made after Thursday, February 29th, 2024, at 4:00 PM will lose your entry fee.

JUDGING: You must supply a judge/grader for every event your school has entered. If you do not provide a grader/judge, your students will not be graded.

For debate,

1 judge for every 4 LD contestants

1 judge for every two CX teams or part thereof

1 judge for every 6 Prose/Poetry/Extemp/Congress Contestants

Judging fees are $150/judge for debate and speaking events if you do not provide a judge. However, we prefer judges over fees.

AT MINIMUM, speech/debate team coaches MUST serve as judges


CX Entries: $30.00/team

LD Entries: $15.00

Speech Events: $10.00

Academic Entries: $8.00

AWARDS: Medals will be awarded to the top 6 places in each event.


UIL Academic Contest/TEST:

EXTEMP: All current UIL rules related to disabling Wi-Fi or other internet access must be followed.

UIL CX: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

UIL LD: Resolved: Wealth inequality in the United States is detrimental to democracy.

Poetry & Prose: Selections will be the reader's choice.

Academic Entries: Following the changes in UIL this year, we will allow 6 entries in most events excluding Journalism events, Ready writing and computer applications which is limited to 3 entries.